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Endo & fertility fears

Hello Ladies

I'm looking for some reassurance please from anyone who has been diagnosed with severe endo but has been lucky enough to conceive and have a baby successfully...

We just completed our first ivf cycle which unfortunately ended with a negative result. I'd had laparotomy I'm Nov last year where severe endo was diagnosed (after years of problems and misdiagnosis): surgery corrected kissing ovaries and surgeons worked on two ovarian cysts. I also have adenomyosis and apparently one fallopian tube is pretty damaged. I was put on zoladex for 3 months to give my system a break.

I responded well to ivf drugs and had 19 eggs collected with 9 fertilised and 3 embryos (they implanted two).

We'll try again to conceive ourselves and may give ivf one last try. But the more I read the more terrified I'm getting on even if we do fall pregnant will the endo wreck everything? I'm 40 now and just looking for reassurance we might still be in with a chance, I know ultimately it's impossible to say but hoping for the best. Thank you XXXX

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Hi Carrie,

Not me personally but a good friend of mine who is now in her late 30s had severe endo and had to have very extensive surgery. She is now pregnant. She started to become very private after she had her surgery (I wasn't ttc at the time) so I don't know details of what fertility treatment she had but there's definitely hope!

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What they don't tell you is that it takes most couples between 3-5 goes of ivf to have a live birth. Very few are successful first time. Some of my friends have spent years doing it. We were lucky, our second attempt resulted in our beautiful daughter. Don't give up! There is always hope until you decide you don't want to do anymore. Ask your consultant about the scratch technique that helps with implantation xx

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Hi Carrie, I'm in exactly the same situation as you and need to feel hopeful. Just had our negative result and having cramps and the witch today. Just feel tired and unsure.

As one of the other posters says it will take time. Let's hope the next one works!



Hello Starstellar,

I'm really sorry to hear you had a negative result also and I really hope it will be second time lucky for you.

A good friend of mine was lucky with her second ivf cycle, and another lady who had a failed ivf first time then went on to conceive naturally. They say sometimes the ivf can give your body a bit of a kick start with the hormones and for some reason it can then help naturally. Let's hope so.

Meanwhile look after yourself and take it really easy if you can. I will keep everything crossed for you. Take care XXXX


Hello Ladies,

Thank you very much for your reassuring messages and advice, this is much appreciated! Absolutely, I think we'll definitely give ivf another try if needed, in looking back the treatment itself wasn't too bad at all and it'll be interesting to have our review appt with the clinic soon.

Meanwhile we're going to book a holiday in the sun and take the pressure off for a couple of months. Maybe it might just do the trick ☺️

Thank you so much! All the best XXXX


Carrie, before you start next treatment ask to have the test for killer cells. This is easy to fix with a steroid treatment, but they often don't offer it until you've had three failed treatments. It can make all the difference between failure and success. As can the endometrial scratch. x

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Thank you so much for your message Em! And also for the link to the info about the endometrial scratch, we really appreciate this 😌! It's so good to be armed with this information.

I'd been wondering about the blood tests too - during the ivf cycle I was really, really cold after embryo transfer, went on to develop bad cold then a migraine (which I normally get) but which had me really throwing up followed by an upset stomach. I had a horrible feeling my body was kicking off, I'm definitely going to ask for this test Em, you just never know.

Thank you so much for this, I really appreciate it 💗!!

All the best XXXX

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