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How early can you test?

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Hi girls xxx

I had my egg collection last Friday where 17 eggs where collected, 16 mature. 8 fertilised and 4 have made it to day 5 transfer which is tomorrow (weds 17th) although I was told yesterday 2 are slower than the other two so we will see tomorrow if we have any to freeze πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

My blood test is due on Friday 26th Feb but my question is, can I take a HPT before this? If so, when is the first day I can start taking?

Thanks 😊

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Hey i took mine at 5dp5dt and saw a faint line on 4dp there was nothing so id say as early as 5dp5dt, but my 7dp it was very clear so maybe wait till around then, depends on how sensitive the test is to hcg x

lianm8 in reply to Hope_faith

Thanks! It's going to be really hard to wait until next Friday and I know how impatient I am and will test before. So would 7dp5dt be next weds for me if transfer is tomorrow?

Congratulations too I bet you are over the moon. Xxx

Be careful testing early.! I tested 10dp5 dt and got negative. Then 3 days later was OTD and got a positive. I know how tempting it is and there is every possibility you could get an early BFP but don't panic if not! X

lianm8 in reply to Lamb82

I know I shouldn't test before and I will try my hardest not too. I know OH won't want me too!! I suppose 9 days between transfer and my actual blood test isn't too bad I am just impatient!

Congratulations on your BFP XX

Have a look at this article which tells you what's going on with your little embryo post transfer. I found it comforting to know whilst I was on my 2ww.

In theory 9dp5dt is supposed to be the time to test but some women do get BFPs earlier whilst others get a negative that day but subsequently get a positive so if you do test early don't take it as the final outcome.

Good luck!

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