Hello everybody, so yesterday I had a scan to see the thinness of my lining during a natural cycle (after my failed ICSI last month) and on day 11 it's 5.6mm with an 11mm follicle (apparently it's not optimal, my theory is I m still hormonally imbalanced after the long protocol and OHSS last month so probably this cycle will be messed up)

I also had a test run as I mentioned the struggle they had during egg transfer (even though it wasn't mentioned in their report) and that failed too.

Therefore I m awaiting a hysteroscopy with cervix dilation and an endometrial biopsy (endometrial scratching that I discussed with the IVF doctor to improve chances of implantation next time).

Anyone had this done before? How did it go?

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  • Hi in the middle of it. I had a hysterscopy after a failed icsi and they also dilated my cervix and acted as scratch also. The worst part for me was being knackered after the general anesthetic!!! Certainly no more uncomfortable the EC. I did my next cycle straight after to try and take max advantage of scratch and got my BFP!! Hope it all goes well. X

  • You won't believe how much hope your post gave me. I ll be on general anaesthetic too. I contacted AXA to see if they cover it as it s quicker than waiting for the NHS, I ll have an appointement with their consultant to agree that I need the procedure or not.

    I really hope this time is the One

    I m having embryo glue too

  • That's what we are all here for! I was really lucky I only had to wait 1 month on nhs so all worked out pretty well. Not sure if they mentioned it but it's best done around day 21 (for 28 cycle ) I did day 19 so doest have to be exact. I also used glue and time lapse, basically everything but the kitchen sink! X

  • Nothing mentioned about best time on cycle so thank you for the info also time lapse mmmm haven't heard of that one neither. Thank you

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