I have low amh and really tough to get some fellows growing in there! On my 8th day of cycle went in for scan , sadly not much activity just one follicle growing size 10mm! We have to do more inj and Be patient and go in for another scan in 4 days on tuesday! The positive thought in my head comes if this one grows to a good size and we try natural , we might get lucky!

Please share how many of you ladys tried natural and got lucky?would love to hear from your experience!Lots of love and prayers to all moms in queue!

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  • I have low AMH as well but was lucky enough to have a few eggs for collection and ended up with 2 blastocysts transferred, with none frozen. But I do remember when we started the treatment that they mentioned if I only ended up with the one egg, which was a possibility, IUI may be a more appropriate option. Maybe they can convert your cycle to IUI? I think it would be less invasive than IVF but perhaps the success rate isn't as high. Worth looking into though!

    Would your clinic go ahead with IVF with only one egg? What dose of gonal f have you been on? Max is 450IU, I was on 375 IU.

  • Hey tlove,

    You asked about my med earlier, I started on 2nd day of cycle with 300 gonal f+150 pergoveris!

    Then since 3rd day down to 150g+150 P.

    6th day 150 g+150 P+orgalutron ,25 mg!

    Asked to follow Same dose until cycle day 13! Thats day of my next scan on tuesday! Hope best for all you lovely ladies out there and me too😘

    Had a good cry this morning not knowing what the reason was😂 But then a hot shower cooled my mind wierdly🙁

    Trying to stay positive☺️

  • You have to let out your emotions during this journey, a good cry can be great! I ended up in the hospital last night, had some blood so was very concerned. Just before I went into triage, I saw these 2 very pregnant women take out cigarettes and go for a puff!!! This just set me off, I was bawling when I was in with the nurse. I had been holding it together up to then but I ended up having a small panic attack and nearly fainting, which actually worked in my favour as I was seen before everyone else! Anyway, my babies still look fine and my cervix was closed, so it seems to have been one of those things. It's just alarming when you know so much is riding on this. I just can't believe other women are so careless, they don't have a clue what some people go through to hold onto their babies.

    Your meds are quite different to me, I was on buserelin and then added the gonal f at 350IU. I hope it works out for you but it sounds like there is scope there to increase your dosage if necessary. Tuesday won't be long coming now, they will have a good idea what to do then.

  • Oh firstly i would extend my well wishes and concern about the fact tht you had to go into triage🙁 But the good part is allz well with you and your babies☺️ And wish you well!

    I am taking this treatment in Germany, so perhaps the firms/labels of med in UK are different! Even components might be diff cant say much about it but mainly med aim to produce healthy follies and then retrieve and so on! You are right about upping my doses, hopeing all good on scan day tuesday! And then consult about how to proceed with treatment👍

  • Thanks Hopeful - at least we got to see the babies again and we think we know what sex they both are now!

    I have heard that fertility procedures are a little different in Germany, I have a friend who was being investigated there and they tried her initially on just tracking her cycle by taking bloods every few days. It sounded much more stressful to be honest. Then she tried stimulating but without IVF and that didn't work so I think she is now looking into IVF. A very different experience to here - here being Ireland for me, so I'm not uk based either. I think protocols vary from clinic to clinic and even from person to person.

  • Tlove I am in the same position as hopeful2016 my clinic mentioned they may change me to iui if needed. I have been on menopur 450 so not much else can do apart from pray Sunday's scan shows more activity x

  • Honestly, you'd be surprised how much the follicles grow in a few days! You might not get any more numbers but hopefully they will be a good size. Best of luck to both of you, it's not over yet. x

  • @button123 fingers crossed waiting for your scan to show good progress, plz do share here with us👍 All the best dear😘

  • Tlove thanks for all your support it really does help and like you said it isn't over yet 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    Have you ever used a hot water not directly on skin but to warm the ovary area etc during stims? X

  • Oh you lovely ladys , cant thank you enough for this much needed support through this rough n tough journey☺️ Just feels so good to hear from you ppl and makes you feel you are not the "only one" 😥 There are others just beside you trying to hold up raise one another as we move forward!

    @tlove thanks for your supportive words they mean more than words to me / us!

    @button-123 defi heard a lot tht warming that area with water helps follies to grow , i can say from exp. it is comforting as far as "period" cramps are concerned! I use for both my lower back and front during period!...feels warm n good👍

  • Thanks hopeful2016 agreed don't know what I would do without this site. I have used a hot water bottle for period pains but got it on tonight hoping it will warm my follicles and get them moving 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • I had heard about using a hot water bottle for helping but didn't try this myself. I know you need to be careful after transfer not to have hot baths or use hot water bottles at that point but it should be safe when stimulating. I guess if it feels comforting and you feel like you're doing something to help things along, it could be a good thing to do.

    I think I just entered this process thinking IVF would be the best chance for us to have a baby and I remember feeling a sense of relief when they said this to me at our first appointment. It felt like they were taking some of the pressure off us. You can only take so much when trying naturally and it's not working out! I also have a lot of faith in science and just believed it could work.

  • Meant to say, I was on Pregnacare conception and high dose folic acid. I hope you're both taking prenatal vitamins as you need the folic acid to be built up prior to conception.

  • Once again thanks!!!

    Yes both taking pre conception vitamins and high folic acid. Also been having Acupunture for last 8 months, no caffeine for about 6 months, swimming, no alcohol, healthy eating doing Pilates, I am really trying to focus on the two we have now willing them on to grow and be our little winners xxxxxxx

  • All the right things, not much more you can be doing! Good luck for your next scan. x

  • Hi hopeful, just wanted to say that I have low AMH also. When I had my first scan, they said I wasn't responding well, even though I was on a high dose of menopur. When I went back a few days later, there was a massive improvement, it's amazing what a few days difference can make! I still only had one make it to blastocyst but I'm now 17 weeks pregnant. Stay positive, remember it's quality over quantity! Good luck with your next scan xxx

  • @😘murph82

    Trying and more trying to gather all positivity! Normally im not such an emotional vilatile person i do have control over my nerves but this issue is entirely pushing me to the corner! Yes such supportive words do mean a lot more as i always say its not words at all actually its love , care , well wishes! I thank you and all the support from the bottom of my heart😘👍😘

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