Anyone else had this after FET?

Have a funny feeling the FET hasn't worked already! Had the FET yesterday and last night when I wiped I had a funny creamy discharge- quite stringy and this morning more of the same but brownish in colour then a really dark brown. My left side has been a little niggeley too. I really hope it's not over already. I did have watery discharge too in my underwear yesterday but put that down to having the procedure. I don't want to give up hope yet but it just seems really soon after having the procedure to start having this kind of discharge. Anyone else had the same?

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  • Hey, I haven't but my friend did. She is now 5 month pregnant with twins. She said she'd wake up in the morning like she'd wet herself. Hopefully it's the sane for you hon. Good luck

  • Thanks so much for your message- perhaps I've thought the worst too early then. There has been a tiny bit of blood after doing the crinone this morning and a tiny bit of dark after going to the loo. You just end up analyzing everything don't you!! Soz if tmi btw X

  • Hi yllek1982. Could just be down to a bit of old blood coming away. Although you haven't had egg collection etc this time, there are some pretty vicious looking forceps used to steady your cervix during transfer, so maybe just a bit of trauma from that. Hope all continues OK. Diane

  • I do find it very painful when they do the whole procedure. I do not get on well with the speculum and normally have a small one as I find that a lot better but I know they used a bigger one. It really made my eyes water- it maybe something to do with that- fingers crossed! Thanks so much for your message

  • Hi. Hopefully that's all it is, plus if you are using progesterone pessaries, they can sometimes cause irritation of the cervix. Keeping my fingers crossed for you too! Diane

  • Totally, everything becomes a symptom he he gf. Hang in there you're doing great x

  • Niggley feelings are a good sign.

    Hopefully implantation happening.


  • Thanks so much- just didn't know if implantation would happen so quick after the FET- fingers crossed though! X

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