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Bleeding after 10dp3dt

Hello lovely ladies, please, I am desperate for advice and encouragement.

My very good friend started bleeding this morning after 10 days after 3 day embryo transfer. The blood is brownish for now but she says she feels period like pains.

Has this happened to anyone and they eventually had a positive outcome?

Your response will be highly appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Sorry to hear. It's hard question to answer because every bleed means something different for each lady. There are some positives and some negative stories to this.

Rest up, plenty fluid and good luck xx


Hi angel_jacey31. So sorry to hear this. Hopefully, the brown blood she is losing is just some “old” blood coming away following all the procedures she has been through. Unfortunately, it is very common and often settles down, even when experiencing period type pains. All she can really do is to rest when she can and keep up with the progesterone suppositories/gel if she has been prescribed them. Sometimes a clinic will get a patient with such symptoms to double up on the dose, but she would need to speak to them first. She will notice a little more leakage after resting, when she gets up, as it tends to “puddle”, so try not to worry about that happening. If you read regularly on this site, so many women have this problem, with some even having a “red” bleed too, and they go on to have successful pregnancies. Hopefully all will be OK. Diane


Hi, angel. I think this can't be good. There mustn't be any brownish bleeding if being a success. Unfortunately your friend might face not a good change. I'm so sorry for that. You have to be near her and say all the supporting words but the best thing to do here is to go straight to the doc. Have the things clarified from the medical point of view. Waiting doesn't play on her side. Oh God it's so unfair this happening to women who simply want to be mothers..

Strong hugs for her x


I started getting pinkish brown light bleeding 6dp5dt, now 8dp5dt and it's still going albeit lightly. I've also had intermittent cramps. Maybe my consultant was just being nice but he was relaxed about it when we spoke. I don't think it's true at all that any bleeding is bad, certainly.


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