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Bleeding after a positive


Just went to the hospital to pick up my prescription and while I was there I went to the loo. I wiped and the tissue was full of pink blood. Panicking so much. I asked to see someone and they did a blood test. I have to go back on Friday to have another one. That’s the only way they will know. I’ve been to the loo twice since and still have pink there when I wipe.

I can also feel achy pains in my back and stomach.

I’m absolutely bricking it! So nervous. Already cried and feeling sorry for myself.

I’ve told work I won’t be in the rest of this week. I feel bad but I just want a stress free couple of days. I will break my heart.

Anyone else had similar and not had a miscarriage? 🤞🏻 💔

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I don't have any experience with this, so can't reassure I'm afraid, but I just wanted to send you love and positivity, hope all is well, definitely a great idea to take some time to look after yourself xx

Thank you so much ❤️


Penney dear ❤️I’m sending you all my love and strength!! I hope it’s just the common early pregnancy bleeding 🍀🤞🏻🍀🤞🏻🍀🤞🏻🍀please keep up posted xxx 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺good choice not to go to work 👏🏻You need to chill and take care of yourself 🌸

PenneyPots in reply to Hidden

All of your emojis alone cheer me up. Thank you so much ☺️

Sending hugs. All you can do right now is rest! You’ve done the right thing taking off work 😘💐💖🙏🏻

PenneyPots in reply to RhinoCat

Thank you rhinocat! I hope everything is okay with you ❤️

Oh Penney, I can imagine how freaked out you are but it’s really common with IVF pregnancies. Both of my friends had it with theirs. You’re doing the right thing by taking the rest of the week off, try and relax. At least your clinic are doing bloods so that will hopefully put your mind at rest xx

PenneyPots in reply to KiboXX

This really helped thank you 🙌🏼

Oh I really hope all settles down lovely, such a stressful time. Hugs.xx

Thank you Cinderella ☺️

I know how stressful that is, I ran to A&E as soon as I saw a pink spot on the loo paper. They told me it’s normal and very common and unless it’s bright red blood there is nothing to worry about. Easier said than done! There is nothing you can do, maybe only blood tests and scans to for reassurance. I hope all goes well!

It’s so nerve wracking isn’t it!!

Roll on the scan 🤞🏻


Sending you positive vibes, try not to worry. Good thing you can get some rest xx

PenneyPots in reply to Hidden

Positive vibes worked, thank you x

Hidden in reply to PenneyPots

Great 😀

I had bleeding a couple of times between 5 and 8 weeks of pregnancy. I just had a hematoma which apparently is common with IVF, and it was of no risk to my babies! Sending prayers it's nothing serious <3

PenneyPots in reply to cab0813

This helped me a lot thank you xx

Hi yes I passed bit of red blood, just after 2 week wait. Had already had two positive blood tests. It stopped quite quickly but scared hell out of me Then had a bit of brown mid last week, gp told me go to a and e get referred to early preg unit. They did scan friday, thank god all OK. I would call gp, or 101. X

Hi know how exactly you feel. I've had a terrible time with bleeding all way through my pregnancy. Then last Wednesday I had a massive gush of blood at 11 weeks+4 days. So bad my work called ambulance. Lots of clots too. I was taken into hospital. Thought the worst. Scan at the hospital everything was fine. I was shocked. Bleeding don't necessarily mean the end. Good luck xxxx

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