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Implantation bleeding after a BFP

Can anyone describe any implantation bleeding symptoms they’ve had post pregnancy test?

I’m 4 weeks and 5 days so only found out on Thursday but had sharp pains right by by ovary as well as dizziness on Saturday. Late last night I noticed a very slight discolouration on my tissue after a wee ( sorry for TMI) . Today the sharp pain has gone but I have brown spotting and mild cramps.

I’m nervous it’s an ectopic pregnancy but hopeful it’s just implantation bleeding.

I called my nurse at the clinic yesterday and today and she’s booked me in for a blood test tomorrow followed by a second one 48hours afterwards. It’s still too early for a scan.

I guess I won’t really know til Weds so hoping the spotting might stop before then. In the meantime does anyone have any positive experiences of implantation bleeding to share?

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I had brown spotting around that time and also a few random other times between 4-8 weeks. I’m now 12 weeks and doing fine. My clinic said brown blood was ok and only to worry if there was fresh blood and/or pain. Without a crystal ball there’s no way to say “yes you will definitely be ok”, but there are plenty of people who experience some spotting (and even some fairly full on bleeding) during pregnancy and go on to have healthy babies, so there is no reason to think you won’t be one if them. Best of luck :-)


Thanks very much for your reply. Unfortunately my symptoms are still changing and I’m experiencing quite a bit of pain now and blood has become red and much more like a period. Just had my blood test and cried so they’ve got me an appointment with the doctor.

I know it’s possible that it could still be ok, but I feel like I’ve lost hope.

Congratulations on your 12 weeks and thank you for your support. It means a lot. Xx


So sorry you’re going through this. I hope things turn out ok. You’re doing the right thing getting checked out. I hope you soon have some answers and know what’s going on 💐

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I hope by now you are feeling a littel better. I had tiny discharge and only to see in the progesterone gel leftover down below... My ain on the right side didnt go away and I called the early pregnancy unit at the hospital.. It is correct hat its too early to see any heart activity but they should be able to see the sac... It turned out that I have a big cyst on my right ovary which now gets monitored. I am glad this unit exist. They are so lovely... as in my case I was 16 days after transfer ( blastocysts ) and the doctor pointed out two sacs....

I have to return on friday and check on the cyst and I am sure the doctor will check whether any cardiac activity is there...

I have noticed whenever I had more pain almost shooting pain.. I had more discharge... you have to remember that the ovary needs time to heal and the HCG is not helping this. As in my case its feeding the cyst.

It could also be a bruise... which requires strict bed rest. I can only advise you to ask them of an ultrasound and a check. all the best for you and peanut :)


Thank you

I had my scan and I’m still pregnant. He gave me a picture (which does look like a peanut )and there’s evidence of a sac but that the bleeding is making it high risk

He said my ovaries were normal

So I don’t understand what is causing the bleeding and more importantly the pain which is really quite bad now and a lot worse than yesterday .

It’s making me feel like something is going badly wrong.

He said hopefully it could be a burst vessel but I can’t see why that would cause so much pain.

Meanwhile I’m awaiting blood test results too. And my next scan is on the 4th although depending on how things go this week I’ll try and get an earlier one

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Really hope all settles down for you. I had bleeding for 4 days the day after I got my BFP so really couldn't relax and enjoy it. All seems to be going ok for now though at 12 weeks. I was told that some people do just bleed in pregnancy. Will have everything crossed for you.xx

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I just noticed some brown/dark red blood when I wiped and freaked out. I’m 5w2d and so scared. It’s my first ever BFP after 3 attempts. The doctor said it could be implantation and I said ‘wouldn’t that have been a week ago’ and she said it’s not something that happens in a day so it could still be that. She said not to be concerned unless it’s bright red and heavy flow. I’m so scared.

And also annoyed because the clinic won’t do a scan or test HCG thru a blood test. I asked and she said they don’t do that. And if it is heavy red flow then it means the embryo didn’t make it and I’d have to stop the medication. How can they make that decision without a blood test!?!?

Hearing your story is comforting and I hope it turns out well for you (and me!)


it Definitely seems that implantation bleeding can happen at any time. The blood might just be still hanging around Hopefully yours will stay the colour it is now. I can’t understand why they don’t do the blood test at the very least.

Good luck

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Thank you. I know it’s so frustrating.


I’ve just been told that my blood test was normal. They are going to give me a second test tomorrow and possibly another scan in a week’s time.


You can pay for scans - I’m not sure where but I’ve seen people mention it in here


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