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I was hoping for some advice please. I had two good quality embryos transferred Thursday 28t July. I am 7 days past 5 day transfer. Yesterday at 6 days past I had brown discharge. I have never had that before. I was advised to stop taking aspirin whch I have done. No other symptoms. I am maximum prostergone medication. I am not sure what to make of the brown discharge? My test day is Tuesday and I want to hold out from testing until then. I am becoming so obsessed during this 2ww by trying to notice every change in my body. The brown discharge only lasted for a few hours but it was noticeable. I now recall that I think I had pin type pains on my right side lower abdomen. Nothing to cause alarm but definitely there. It felt like small pin pinches. Any advice appreciated please. Thank you

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  • Mandy_K it may be implantation spotting hun x

  • thank you for replying. I am so desperate to test but I have to hold it together and wait x

  • I'm 10dp5dt and got my BFP yesterday. I had brown spotting for a couple of days beforehand and abdo cramps. The spotting was even a bit pinkish on one occasion which freaked me out. It sounds like it could be implantation to me. x

  • I think on one occasion mine was also sort of a watery pinkish discharge.

  • can I ask how far into did you have brown spotting ?

  • I think it was day 7. Implantation should obviously be a bit before but the brown discharge is likely to be old blood. I've also felt a little bit sick the last couple days but thought that could equally be stress. I also had a horrendous headache on day 7 which took ages to go away. x

  • ok thanks. My discharge was day 6. Fingers crossed. I don't want to get my hopes up.

  • Hi, fingers crossed it was implantation bleeding!... Hold out until test day if you can Hun x

    I've had it twice, once doing FET (just a few spots of pink and brown on 6dp5dt) and I got a positive on 9dp5dt... Sadly was a chemical though. The other time was when we were TTC naturally..... I thought my period had arrived on time (9dpo), I had brown spotting then actual light bleeding for two days and then it stopped. After a few days more, thinking it was too short and too light for my normal period I tested and got a positive... But again it was a chemical!

    Good luck x

  • hi I tested today and got positive. If ypu do not mind me asking how did you find out it was a chemical and did you have symptoms to indicate it was a chemical?

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