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Hoping that one of you Ladies out there can give me some advise or maybe been in the same situation. I`ve done done my 5th cycle on on Clomid 50mg with no success, i `ve ovulated on maybe two of the five cycles which have been confirmed by a day 21 progesterone test. The 4th cycle went all wrong and was 58days and now this one was only 23days,I had 5days of flashing smileys on my opk no solid then yesterday AF came and i also when for a day 21 Progesterone test yesterday which i know will tell me i didn`t ovulate. I now have one cycle left but im not getting my hopes up. Will i be offered any other medications to try, i`ve heard people mention Femara or Letrazole or given my age 45yrs it it just not worth trying with my own eggs. my FSH has been 15, 17.9 then 10, no other real issues , Prolactin now normal level on Bromocriptine. Is egg donation my only option now, my partner isn`t keen as he`s say`s he wants" our" Baby, he already has two daughters so he doesn`t understand the longing for a child of my own and the sadness and disappointment each month

Any advice anyone?

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I'm in a different situation - on 2nd icsi cycle at 37, but have high fsh/low amh and poor quality embryos on round 1. We have been told if embryos poor quality again this time, we need to consider donor. My hubby was dead against at first, but talked to a friend who had had a child this way and has done a complete turn around. He is now more keen than me!!! He also saw how broken I was by by being told we may not be successful with my own eggs which made him change his mind. Perhaps once you know for definite, a long conversation about how you both feel and your reasonings might move things forward?? I have no doubt a donor egg would feel like 'our baby' after carrying for 9 months and nurturing it and my hubby can now see this too. Just wanted to give you hope these men can change their minds once the chips are down. Xx

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Hi webchick. I fully agree with what anna0908 has said. I think you need to be realistic about your rising FSH levels, plus, even with the use of Clomid your cycle is getting very irregular. Your own eggs will probably not be too good now either. OK there may be a few that are OK, but sadly we cannot command them to surface when we want. I speak to many happy families that have had to use a donor, and all are just happy to be parents, even the ones where the male partner has children already. Why not have a session with an implications counsellor, so that you can talk all this over on neutral ground? I do wish you both well with whatever you do decide. Diane


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