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Never Give Up

Hello ladies,

This post is to encourage you lovely

ladies never to give up on your dreams of having kids. It doesn't matter how tough the injections get, the scans, the progesterone cream and the waiting period just always say a prayer and remain postive.

This is my very first IVF and yesterday Sunday the 31 of January, I did my pregnancy test and I got a Postive result. I actually took three different tests because I couldn't believe it said pregnant. I cried, and for the first time they were tears of joy. I know the road ahead may not be easy but I just want to say micrales do happen and have faith because God can do wonders. I am glad I found this site, I have learnt so much from you brave ladies and I am sure I will continue to learn more.

Lots of love xxx

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Lovely story. Massive congrats xxx


Hi Taflo. Just to wish you all the best for your ongoing pregnancy and birth. Keep well. Diane


Congrats! Healthy pregnancy


Congratulations on ur BFP x


Thank you all for your lovely messages. Truely grateful.


Congratulations x


Congratulations you must be over the moon!


Hi taflo,congratulations this makes me feel happy as this forum is brilliant for advice and tips. Good luck with everything and have a happy pregnancy,hopefully we will all follow xx


Thanks Randall55,

I am really pleased. Taken into account that my AMH was less than 4 and FSH was 9.5, my gyne at the clinic gave me very little hope in terms of my overian reserves. She informed me that I could be going into early menopause. I am glad I came across this site. I have read many stories, which helped me each day to fight on. I am still a bit worried and anxious but trying to have a postive outlook.

I have my first scan booked for the 18 of feb.


Congratulations and good luck with the next part of your journey!

Miracles do happen... I found out last week I was pregnant after four years with no luck and two failed rounds of IVF last year. I was just about to start my third round when my AF didn't come and by some miracle it happened naturally even though I didn't think it was possible!

Hopefully these stories will give continued hope to everyone else on this forum :)

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Hello Cazo,

Thank you! Congratulations to you as well. Wishing you all the best in your pregnancy. I am full of cold at the moment, hopefully it is part of pregnancy symptoms.

Stay blessed. Xxx


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