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Symptoms....feeling emotional

Sore boobs, nausea, tired i like to think that these are all good symptoms heading towards a positive test. Trying not get my hopes up too much but at the same time wanting to keep positive that it could happen. Test date the 7th Feb. 30th Birthday 2nd Feb what a rollercoaster of a week this is going to be. I will be away for the weekend when I take my test as well. Feeling abit emotional today probably because a milestone birthday is coming up and you ask yourself what have you acheived and at the moment I've put my career on hold trying to become a mum and my social life is not much at the moment because so many of my friends have babies or have just given birth. 🍀🙏 fingers crossed for next week. Hope everyone is doing ok and thank you so much for your support xx

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I feel exactly the same my test day is the 9th good luck x

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Good luck cxc


Good luck!!! Stay positive!! X


Fingers and toes crossed and loads of baby dust


Happy Birthday tomorrow & best of luck to you!


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