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Woo hop at last 😊😊😊

I'm sure your all quite bored now hearing about my menstral cycle , but I think I've finally come on properly , which means I can start my pill, which also means everything should hopefully go according to plan with all my scans , egg collection ect.

I also have to pick up the rest of my meds from hospital today .

I have a stinking cold and have completely lost my voice.

oh, and I bought some orange and lemon tea and a liquorice tea , so will give that a go today .

Still going to have a morning coffe ( decaf) though, don't think I could bear not too.

Never been so flipping happy to get a full period . Xxxx

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Hahaha I'm exactly the same I have to wait till the 7th Feb for my period regular as clock work then have to ring my nurse to book for scan ill be starting injections day 21 of cycle!!!! Never ever want period my period to arrive because I have awful periods but now I'm counting down the days!!!! Xx


Go easy on the liquorice, I've read it can be linked to miscarriage. Don't now if it's been proven but I'm just paranoid about all that! Worth a Google to make up your own mind. I've continued with regular breakfast tea though, as long as it's in moderation it should be fine.

Also, as it's flu season, you should think about getting the vaccine as it's recommended for pregnant women. Best of luck with the rest of your treatment!


Hi Aimaim77. Good to hear that at last you are on the way with your treatment. If the ingredients in your licorice say say "licorice extract" or "licorice root extract", then don't have it. Not all black licorice or tea has it, as some are flavored with aniseed oil, which is safe to take. Licorice can be responsible for miscarriage. Take care. Diane


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