Lost 2.5 pounds 2.5 pound to go by tues

Well I'm nearly there have my app Tuesday and my bmi must be 30 or below ( which it was but I put on a few pounds over Xmas ) so when I weighed myself On Monday I needed to loose 5 lb, so far I've lost 2.5 lb so, to get back to my target and bmi of 30 I need to loose another 2.5 lb by tue. I'm confident I can do it . Would like to try more as weigh u with clothes on so would ideally like to loose 3 or 4 pounds . Just having spinach and avocado smithies with fat free yoghurt and time I may do a water only day . Been drinking 3-4 litres of water a day . Wish me luck girls . Hopefully I will get my mess turs with a start date for IVF to start . Xxx

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  • Hi I remember this well I had to loose wait to start my ivf and it worked I now have 2 precious boys good luck

  • Good luck aimaim77, you can do it xx

  • Hi this is the same as me ! I have 3 lbs by Wednesday to lose... had s 500 cal day yesterday and lost nothing so gonna a have another 500 cal day and do a HI IT training session. How are you doing it ?

  • Hi it's tough hey . I've been having a smoothie ( banana , half avocado and spinnach , fat free yoghurt , in morn , lunch I may have another smoothie at lunch but different mix . Then dinner I'm having weight watcher soup and 2 dry crumpets . I was 13 stone 2 lb Monday and just weihhd myself and I'm now 12 stone 11 pound . I'm a pound off my target , also I've been drinking 3 -4 litres of water everyday . I'm trying to get down to 12.7 or 12.8 by tue cos Its a few pounds for your clothes ( unless I stand on scales in my underwear at Hosp .

    Today I'm off to buy some light leggings and will wear a really light top . Good luck . If I can do it anyone can . ( btw - I haven't exercised at all so if you do I'm sure it will also help ) Mia xx

  • Hi Aimaim77. You are obviously trying soooo hard, so you deserve to hit you target by next week. Well done you and good luck! Diane

  • I'm a pound off now so know I'll be fine . 😊😊

  • Fab-u-lous! Diane

  • Keep up the good work x

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