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Embryos lost on day 2 or 3?

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Hi ladies, could you please share your experience on how you embryos evolved from day 2 to day 3? I am trying to get info on whether a share die from day 2 to day 3 or if it’s more a day 4 issue. I am on day 3 freezing schedule but after reading on this forum many ladies having day 2 transfers, I am wondering whether I should not freeze on day 2 instead. Thank you!

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Well in my experience it can happen at both points. When we used my eggs my experience was that my embryos arrested around day 3 which I was told indicated an egg issue....I'm older although we do have male factor, very low sperm count. However with donor eggs we did much better. In our most recent round we got told OH sperm had deteriorated significantly which meant we lost embryos around day 4 which is an indicator of a aperm issue....or this is what a few clinics have told me now. It is normal to lose few from collection to fertilisation and again until day 5 but sometimes there can be reasons behind it rather than just chance.xx

Thank you Cinderella. So you had only day 3 stop but no day 2 stopping to develop when using your own eggs?

I had one that didnt go anywhere after fertilisation so yes. However the majority had arrested by day 3. We managed to get a couple to day 5 but not fantastic grades. If you only have a small number of embryos then the clinic often puts them back early as its felt they are better back in you than the lab. We had good fertilisation rates but struggled to get to day 5 blasts with my own eggs. The embryologist in the hospital should be able to give you an idea and guidance on how your embryos develop and any thoughts behind it. That's what happened with us anyway!xx

Thank you Cinderella. May I ask why you gave up on your own eggs while you were producing embryos? Xx

Clinic pretty much said we had 5% chance of success after producing 3 blasts over 2 cycles!xx

Oh dear. So the 3 failed to implant?

I'm on my 8th transfer now.xx

I hope it works for you this time. Xx I think if you try enough time, it has to work at some stage, so don’t give up hope!!

In my experience I have had a day 2, a day 3 and a day 5 transfer. The general rules were:

- Loads of embryos (well 5 for us) - take to day 5 - 3 dubious quality ones made it (grade 3)

- 3 embryos, not looking great and day 2 was a Saturday... put them back in on day 2 - they would have tried to take them to day 3 but it was a Sunday and they weren't open and they didn't feel they would make it to day 5

- 2 embryos transferred on day 3, they kind of looked ok, not enough to take to day 5 but clinic was open on day 3 so no need to rush them in.

As standard my clinic only really do day 3 and day 5 transfers - so seems a logistics or numbers game. By day 2 you havent really got a great read on quality so I understand (and again not a doctor!) that its better to take to day 3 and you can then really assess how they are dividing xx

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Thank you Daisy xx

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