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Just rang clinic

Just rang clinic as 1st app nct week and was meant to have bloods before but can't as ha my cone on . They said to go anyway.

I said that I put on few pounds , but that this was prob due to me not coming on , the guy I spoke to said that the crieteria states that u must have maintained BMI of 30 or under for six months prior to treatment ! I said that i had done this but it's only over past few weeks that 2 lb over I'm currently at 30.6 BMI and am desperately trying to get it to 30 or below by nct tue.

Any tips welcome , has this ever happened to anyone on here ? And if you were slightly over your BMI did they still go ahead with treatment ?

I have pcos too so it's even harder . I have lost nearly 2 stone.

thanks ladies xx

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Hi Aimaim77. That seems a bit cruel to penalise you for 2lbs, especially as you have maintained your BMI for so long. However, I suppose they will say “rules are rules” so you will really have to be strict with yourself – even fast for a day if you can. Do some extra exercise too if you can, but not when you are fasting – at least not too much. Fingers crossed this does the trick, or maybe when your period starts you will stabilise. Diane


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