Can anyone answer my questions on bmi on the NHS please and scratch:picture treatments

Hi guys

Some of you many have read my previous posts about getting my bmi down to be eligible for ivf on the NHS I have and I now have it in writing that we are accepted and have a nurse appointment on the 24th 😬 It says it's a 2 hour appointment where you have to sign forms and bring id and they explain how to do the medication and stuff - slightly scary as it seems so real now. The doctor also told me there is no waiting list to start treatment so will start straight after our nurse appointment (apparently it's longer to wait for that than anything) my question is what happens now? I'm scared 😳 and also I will they keep on checking my bmi every time I go there ? Also the doctor said we could pay extra for a scratch thing as you get Breyer results has anyone had this? She also said about paying extra for something that takes pictures of the embryos? Any advice ? Thanks guys- baby dust to all Xxx

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  • Hiya, I had to lose weight in order to get nhs funding too. They weighed me at the funding appointment and never weighed me again (well they do at egg collection but only so they know what anesthetic to give u) 1st cycle was a bfn but I went straight into a frozen cycle and they didn't even weigh me then (and I'd put on weight for sure!) Xxx

  • That makes me feel better thanks Hun sorry you got a bfn that's discouraging- I'm trying to keep my weight steady but when I'm stressed I eat lol it's a vicious circle 🙈 Is this recent that you have done this ? Is it all traumatising I'm so scared I just don't know what to expect xx

  • Oh sorry I should have said I got my bfp on my frozen round!...I'm 18wks pregnant tomorrow 😁

    I started my first injections in feb, got my bfn in march. Started my frozen round in may, got my bfp on 1st July!! Xxx

    Ps I hear you with the eating. was soooo hard to lose the weight. Don't beat yourself up for a few treats when ur going through treatment. The clinic will understand!

  • Wow that's amazing congratulations!! If you don't mind what was the reason you went for ivf? I bet your so excited xx

  • We had male factor infertility...low count and quality xxx

  • Awh ok well I'm so happy that it worked for you I hope it does for us too, we have been trying to conceive for 9 years I have pcos and his sperm has anti bodies or something xx

  • Wowsa 9yrs is long! We were ttc 5yrs. I know it's hard to do but try not to worry about the treatment. Its really not as bad as u think it will be. Obviously they'll be good days and bad but you'll get through it and be fine!

    I remember stressing so much about the injections but I can honestly say they were definitely don't worry about them. Its all the waiting for results that's he hardest thing I reckon xxx

  • That's reassuring thank you I needed that today 😊 I'm super excited to get started now hopefully 4 weeks time x.

  • So pleased you've got your apt through, think it helps having a date to focus on. It will all become clearer though after your apt, at my first one it was mainly signing paper work that's why it took so long. I was only weighed on my first apt and then at EC.

    As for the endo scratch, I've heard a lot of positive stories but I personally have never benefited from it as the 2 cycles I did pay to have it done were both unsuccessful. Good luck xx

  • The camera thing is called an embryoscope, they use a camera to watch how the embryos change without disturbing them....just in case anyone hasn't mentioned it. My dh and I went private and never asked about my weight or weighed is one of the reasons why we chose private over the NHS....don't get me started on that subject!

    Anyhow, hope that it all gets going for you.

  • Hi

    I got weighed at the fertility clinic when the application for ivf started. I wasn’t weighed after that

  • Thank you x

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