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Can't stop eating

I'm due on and my 1st IVF app is next week I can't stop eating and need to lose 5 lb within 10 days . I know I shouldn't be stuffing my face but I'm so stressed and also late for period and stressing about that as I needed to do blood test too day 1-3 . Feel like I'm going mad at the mo, and probably not making much sence .

Both me and partner keep rowing cos both stressed about IVF . Viscious circle.

Any words of comfort or wisdom are very welcome .

I know your probably reading this thinking what am I going on about but just needed to have a rant .

Sorry 😒😒😒

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Hi you sound very normal. I've put on a stone in the 1year I've been doing this through stress eating & I eat more when I'm due on.

Try not to beat yourself up, the stress of waiting is the worst. Try to take a few long fast paced walks as that will help relax you & help bring you on. It also helps with egg development which will be a bonus with treatment.

Make time for just the 2 of you that isn't about babies, I'd imagine it's easier for him than you to turn off but you need to try when ever you can.

Good luck & remember this is the start of something amazing xx

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