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Hi girls

I've just started my injection I'm on day 4 and my first scan is this 27th jan bit to my shock horror I had a bleed which I was expecting at all.

Thank you for your post girl really helped me tonight to find out that was normal.

I was wondering tho is any of u experiencing mood swings anger and stress levels rising in the first week? Like I said day 4 I'm on and I need to keep letting myself to relax.

I also have a thyroid issue and these meds have increased so could be those.

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Hello. Would just like to reassure you. Mood swings and anger etc are complelty normal and ok to feel like that. I had horrendous mood swings on one of my cycles. Your doing the right thing by trying to relax. but also I found it helpful to write a diary of my thoughts and feelings etc, helped to get it Off my chest. Wishing you all the best. Lots of love. Xxxx

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Thank you very much for your reply

That really has reassured me



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