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Anyone at risk for Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS)??


Hi Ladies,

Just had my first scan after starting stimulating drugs(Menopur) today. I was told that I might be at risk for OHSS. They had my blood test and going to suggest me further doses fit drugs. If anyone else has been at risk for OHSS or has experienced it, I'd be interested to hear your stories.

Thanks xxx

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Hi BabyHope. Oh dear! This will obviously be a worry to you. However, the clinic will monitor you closely and look after you. If you do have to abandon the cycle, I realise that you will be upset, but all will not be lost. Hopefully, they will get you to egg collection and will be able to fertilise your eggs and store suitable ones frozen for use later. If this happens, you will most likely have to wait a couple of months before you can have a frozen embryo transfer (FET). This would most likely be done during a natural cycle, or using very few drugs. I’m sure they will already have advised you to drink plenty of water and rest when you can. I have had many ladies who this has happened to, and then they have gone to have successful pregnancies. Keeping everything crossed that the OHSS doesn’t happen! Diane

Hi, i had exactly the same. scan on Monday and sky high blood result, developed 32 follicles, first they ask me to half the dose of merional then after the second blood test (next day) got a call to stop it.

Expect daily blood test with urgent sticker so you jump the queue.

Today was my 3rd scan i m ready for egg collection and we had to wait and see the blood result (yesterday the oestradiol was 19000) the egg collection will only take place if it goes down to 15000 minimum.

I just got a call 1h ago saying that it happened and they introduced merional for tonight and kept the rest of the protocol for egg collection.

Believe in your body, you can't do anything except the blood tests, scans and stopping merional.

Just got a call from hospital, have asked to keep same doses of drugs and next scan on Monday.

Please God 🙏🏻 don't want any more thrill in my life Lol

Hope your Egg collection goes well xx

Thank you, every time I get to the next step I think the worst is behind but it s just a different kind of torture.

Good luck to you too.

Hi Babyhope. I was also at a high risk of OHSS and did experience it during my cycle. I ended up with a lot of follicles. They still carried on with egg collection and got 19 eggs they did say they would maybe consider freezing and not doing transfer however because I felt well and didn't have any symptoms they decided to proceed with transfer. A couple of days after collection I did feel quite sick and my stomach was very swollen due to the OHSS for a few weeks I looked about 7 months pregnant. However the swelling has gradually gone down and I'm not looking anything like and did and I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant today. Don't worry about the OHSS the clinics are very good at monitoring it and will advise what's best to do.

Good luck x x

BabyHope in reply to gillybean78

Thanks for your response gillybean78 :-)

Just hoping everything goes well xx

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