20 eggs fertilised! Praying for no ohss

Hi everyone

I had EC yesterday. 29 eggs collected 24 good for icsi and 20 have fertilised. I'm clearly very happy with results and will be transferring Wednesday. However I'm so worried about ohss. I know I am at high risk and the hospital told me to inform them if I start to feel unwell. So I'm just writing to see if anyone had a high number of eggs collected and didn't end up with ohss x

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  • I only had 14 but I was borderline OHSS. Drink lots of water. My clinic had me weigh myself daily and take measurements of my waist to check there were no drastic changes. If you start vomiting or get migraines or a fever, shortness of breath then call your gp. Otherwise just keep a close eye on it x

  • Wowsers that's amazing. Keep a close eye on yourself, fingers crossed that you stay well and don't develop ohss xx

  • Amazing results, rest up and drink loads of water! I had 9 collected from the right side as they couldn't get to the left one because of scar tissue. I didn't get OHSS but did get a lot of pain when the eggs on the left side eventually released on their own a day or two later xxxx

  • Wow, fantastic number! This is my first cycle so I don't have any advice but I'm sure lots of ladies will share their experiences to reassure you. Good luck for the next steps! Xxx

  • Gosh what a fantastic huge number!!! I wish u lots of luck that all goes smoothly xxx

  • Hi Emma - wow what a great result! I hope you are well and that you're taking care of yourself. Hoping everything still goes to plan for transfer x x x

  • Thank you. Just had an update all are doing well apart a couple which are a bit slower they want to wait till Wednesday and she's confident they might have some to freeze. I am deffo feeling bloated today no other symptoms so far. They will review me Wednesday and scan before to make sure there isn't to much fluid just really hope I can make it untill Wednesday! πŸ€žπŸ»πŸ™ x

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