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Worried re first IVF app


Hi ,

I have my first IVF app in 2 weeks , I've had all the tests ect so this is the real step towards starting IVF I expect I'll have lots of forms to fill in ( I've already been sent the consent forms and been asked to do FSH blood before I go but it has to be on day 1-3 before my app on 26th jan.

Two things I'm worried about - the first Is, I haven't yet come on and no I'm not pregnant I'm a week late. ( which is normal for me ) I'm worried I case I don't come on before the app and won't be able to do blood test ( will this delay things?

Also, I was told I needed to loose weight and get to 12 stone 10 lb. I was 14 stone 5 lb I am 3lb off my target and am so woRried they may turn me away on the 26th even if I'm a few, pound over . I know I have about 10 days( I am going to just have juices next week .

I'm 39 in July and do not want to be turned away I'm so worried .

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I am not sure if I will be able to submit this link or not - if not google the James Duncan medical diet.

My husband has struggled with his weight for a long time and I found this online - I put him on it - not as strict as it says, he still had a drink but did not have butter or anything else, no milk etc and I only gave him the food that is on the list and he lost nearly a stone just before christmas (we were going on holiday and he wanted to shift a bit of weight) - if you follow this plan - not to the letter as you only have a tiny bit to lose to get to your target (by the way, well done for the loss so far, you are doing brilliantly) then honestly, this will help you - only follow for 7 days, no longer. No need to starve yourself on just juices - this works!


Hope that helps


Just thought I'd say well done for losing the weight so far! As if this process isn't hard enough. Good luck with everything x

Hi Mimi, I have just had our consent form appointment and they don't weigh you, they just go through the forms, tell you what medication you will be on and may put you on the pill to make everything quiet inside, they show you lots of diagrams like sex education of the uterus, sending you lots of baby dust as we are all on the same baby train, choo choo xxx


Hi Aimaim77. Always a bit of an anxious time waiting for your first clinic appointment. I do have a list of questions you might like to have a look through before you go, as there just may be 1 or 2 that you hadn’t thought of asking. It’s too long to add here, but if you email me in confidence I will send them to you. My email address is dianearnold@infertilityneworkuk.com regarding weight loss, this is never easy either – speaking as a fellow sufferer. However, whatever you do, try and get some sort of record/proof of your weight loss to show the clinic that you are trying – and succeeding. Good luck! Diane

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