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First IVF appontment 26th jan😀😀 what should we expect??

Hi, I'm 38, and me & my partner have been trying to conceive for 2 years. I have PCOS. The funding crieteria states that we get 1 fresh go and 2 frozen.

Please can someone tell me what to expect from our first appointment.

We have got lots of consent forms to complete to take to our appointment, and I have been told I need to have FSH blood test on day 1-3 of cycle.

How long will it be from our appointment on 26th jan to egg collection?

I would be really greatful for any information as to what to expect ect, and advice.

We are having our IVF at Kingston upon Thames , has anyone had treatment there ?

Look forward to any advice ect .

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Hi Mia77, I too have my first appointment on the 18th Jan so I too would be interested to understand what happens! I'm excited but nervous at the same time! Fingers crossed for us both Xx


Oh good luck Aimee, would love to keep in touch . Where are you having your treatment?


Good luck too! Treatment is at University Hospital in Coventry, I would love to keep in touch and have a buddy to talk to :) I will keep u posted on what they say if you like after my appt on the 18th? x


That would be really great . Thank you, not long for you to wait good luck x


No not long!! Will definitely provide you with an update after my appointment. Take care for now x


Hi have you had your appointment yet ? X


Hi Mia,

Welcome to the forum. Timings of IVF can depend on a a number of things including waiting times in your specific area. For me, we had 2 consultant appointments before being told they recommended IVF for us. Depending on the severity of your PCOS and how it manifests itself in you they may not recommend IVF straight away, they may suggest trying medication first to get you ovulating properly. For me, whilst I have mild PCOS, my DH also had sperm issues so we went straight for IVF so I can't really comment on the pre IVF treatment. Once we were told it was IVF we had a 2 month wait to be booked in to see a nurse for our formal IVF treatment. I have heard of much longer waits though. At that appointment they explained all about the process, what would happen and showed me how to inject myself. I started the treatment itself from the start of my next period. The jere are 2 different protocols you can follow, the long one or the short one. They put me on the short one and said it was because of my PCOS but I don't know whether all hospitals have the same policy. As far as I understand it the difference between the two is that on the short protocol you don't have a period of down regulation, instead having a second injection alongside the stimulation injection. From start of injections to EC depends on how your body responds to the treatment but for me was 12 days. They give you scans every few days to check how you are responding and increase or reduce dosage accordingly. I was nervous about he injections to start with but didn't find them bad in the end. I was put on the lowest dosage to start with, again because of PCOS, but after my first scan they increased it as my follicles weren't growing quite as quickly as they'd hoped.

My advice to you would be to take everything one day at a time and try (easier said than done) not to worry about things too much. I would eat lots of protein too as it's supposed to encourage follicle growth. Good luck with it all and if you have any questions as you go through the process there are lots of lovely ladies on here more than happy to answer any questions you have, no matter how silly they may seem.


Hiya, sorry for the late reply. Yes I've had it...basically the nurse took me through what protocol I'll be on (it will be short protocol), we went through all of the consent forms, she showed me how to do the injections. She gave me some blood test forms too. Basically I can start as soon as I come on or wait up to 3 months if I didn't want to start straight away. I didn't get weighed! Hope that helps! Bet ur looking forward to ur appt now? Xx


Hi glad your app went well . Yes I'm very excited also apprehensive just want to get it out the way and know for certain treatment will start. Did they give you dates to go back ? Xxx


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