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First appointment 21st January

Hi All

Happy New Year to everyone

We are booked for our first appointment at Halifax on the 21st January and I am so worried!

We spent all Christmas talking about 'what if' and now I am just thinking about it all of the time.

What if they tell us that as he had his vasectomy nearly 20 years ago there is nothing that they can do?

We never even thought we could have children and now that we have heard about the IVF ICSI route we have both contemplated something that we never thought that we would.......

Are we going to be crushed at the start? How will they even know if he is still producing sperm?

It feels like we have opened up a can of worms and now all I can think about is this appointment and them telling us that there is no chance....


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Hi hun there is no point in worrying which I'm sure you know. Diane Arnold can probably give you some answers, but I do know there are tests they can do and methods of extracting the sperm. I'm afraid all methods of assisted conception require you to put your trust in strangers, with the most precious dream you have. We are all here for you and wishing you baby dust x



Thank you for getting back to me - I know I have read so much about this the last few weeks my head is swimming with questions!

I just hope that they give us some hope when we see them and don't just send us home saying that there is nothing that can be done

I will let everyone know the outcome - thank you for the good wishes x



One good piece of advice that Diane always gives is to write down the questions as you think of them, so you know what to ask.


Thank you 😄


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