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Anyone ever had MRI Scan before Laparoscopy?

I am really confused as to why my hospital has decided to make me have an MRI Scan before my 2nd lap (February). They called me today saying I have been booked in for an MRI Scan on Friday. Oh I had my 1st lap last August and an MRI Scan was not suggested hence my surprise this time. I just want to know if anyone had one before a lap and why it was recommended.

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I did after a hysteroscopy, and before the next one. To determine what abnormality I had in my uterus. It's a good thing they are doing it, so see it as being positive, they are probably just ruling out a few things, and it's a good diagnostic tool to use.

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Good to hear that :) I was beginning to think they are doing guess work with me. Knowing I am not the only one puts my mind at rest a little, thanks x


Hi I also had one to check the endo wasn't infiltrating my bowel.


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