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Brown discharge

So i have gone from having period pains to having some brown discharge when i wipe after going to loo. Have slight pains off and on but as bad so far as they were. Does this mean af is coming but is delayed because of my progesterone injs? Its all messing with my head. Keep getting hot flushes to but im presuming they are from the meds?? Any advice would be appreciated xx

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Hello Sam101

I think it's impossible to say! I had a BFP and had some brown bleeding around 12 weeks so I don't think it necessarily means af is coming. The wait is so frustrating as it is without having his additional stress. I think all you can do is rest, try to keep your mind busy and hope all is well on test day.

Take care of yourself x

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Thanks hopeful1982. Trying my hardest to keep my mind busy but its hard some times. Just got to keep everything crossed xx


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