A bit worried.. brown discharge and 8dpt!

Hi all. I am back for a bit of support either way. I have been nauseous for a few days which I think is about feeling fat and bloated so I have discounted this as a sign but yesterday a headache started.... now I thought I only got headaches when I was hungover but having drank wine most of adult life nearly everyday I could have had a headache before but put it down to the vino from the night before. Still have an underlying headache but I have just noticed a spot of brown discharge and at 8dp 5dt I think it's too late for an implantation bleed and I have cramps. My periods due on the Thursday as I have a 30 day cycle but wonder if the process has messed my cycle up. Also my periods normally start with heavy fresh blood. Any thoughts would be welcome.... x

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  • Probs an implantation bleed it can very from woman to woman when it happens/shows x

  • I am so hopeful that I am just late with it. Thank you so much for the support. X

  • Hiya,

    I'm 10dp2dt and nearly had a heart attack when I got a tiny spot of pink yesterday. This was accompanied by my usual af type cramps. I thought I was definitely out!

    Woke up this morning and the af cramps had been replaced by my usual dull ache that I've had for a few days (yay!) I never get headaches but I had one Saturday morning and another this afternoon. I can only describe it as feeling like I've had one too many in the sun on a Sunday afternoon and now it's early evening and I'm full of remorse lol! I had loads of nausea yesterday too.

    I really think it's all down to the progesterone. I try not to read anything into it...but it is hard!

    Hope this helps....and u get your bfp!!


  • You too. Tonight will either go one way or another... I think if you had a 2dt then you and I are at the same stage. Xxx

  • We are indeed...exciting times huh?! Xxx

  • Will be so glad when I know either way. Either bath and wine or an exciting journey! Xx

  • Absolutely...I have my weekend... (in fact the next 3) planned either way. Got a lovely weekend break booked over easter which I can't wait for...question is, will it be wine or water?!! xxx

  • You two are cracking me up! We booked a week in Belgium next week either as a oh well nevermind trip or a better take some holidays whilst we still can trip.

    I was looking forward to beer, chocolate and mussels. Ok just chocolate for me now!

    I still daren't have a bath.

  • I'm off to st ives, Cornwall for easter...its where we got engaged a few years ago ...awww!! Can't wait!...they have an awesome gin bar if it's an "oh well nevermind" break lol!

    I'd be the same with a bath...plus who wants a luke warm bath? I'd rather wait and have a steaming hot one instead! xxx

  • 2ww is defo worst part, 4th time and I am still going cuckoo lol x

  • A woman at work described pregnancy as a 9 month wine hangover. Brown discharge is old blood so could be a good sign.

    I eat everything in sight, and then feel sick with some foods. I am also feeling very chunky and bloated.

    Fingers crossed for the bfp x

  • Totally feel your pain! I think if it stops then fingers crossed it's implantation xx 2ww can do one! Xx

  • Thank you everyone. I have a tiny amount today but not red. Feel incredibly irritable so that could be either way. Just had a huge row with my husband. I am normally super tolerant. I did take an early clear blue test at about 2.30am as I couldn't sleep and it was a bfn. I do need to get a grip but this additional discharge has tipped me over a bit . Will keep you posted. Xx

  • Hi Hun, I just wanted to say I phoned my clinic about an hour ago, and the consultant has asked me to go in for a blood test to check my progesterone levels, so maybe give yours a buzz? Xx

  • Thank you for this, I have called them and they asked me to increase my progesterone and get a hcg test asap. Still a bfn this morning and I am 10dp 5dt today. I had a so called perfect embryo put back in, so I just think it didn't work. Xx

  • I'm so sorry, to be honest with you mine is threatening to come, I'm still keeping me fingers crossed for both of us! 🀞🏻 if you don't mind me asking have you had anymore discharge? Are you going for your test today? Xxx

  • I have had more brown discharge today but cramps have eased. No fresh blood and there isn't much a panty liner isn't used in full. My friend who is a nurse and just completed her cycle with a bfp suggested putting my progesterone up my bottom as an alternative. But I did do a hpt today and it was negative.... I had my blood test this morning and then drove my bloods over to the hospital (went to gp in the first instance) the guy in the testing lab said he would put an urgent on it to get the results back to my gp for 4pm. If that happens it would be brilliant, but not holding my breath as these things are never straight forward. How are you. Xx

  • Oh it never is πŸ™ I'm ok, I had some brownish discharge this morning, and then it's stopped again, I just spend my entire day going to the loo to check! I've got my blood test Friday so I'm just hoping I get that far this time round! No holding of breath, but fingers crossed! Xx

  • I know the knicker checking is my new obsession. I just want to know! I keep focusing on a relaxing wine tonight if I get some bad news. All I know is that if it is af it's the most peculiar start.... I shall post as soon as I get my results. Xxx

  • Fingers crossed it is implantation bleed xxx

  • Well I wanted a miracle ending but I had a negative beta. I have 6 frosties so have asked for a fet asap and waiting for the doctor to issue a protocol. I am ok but my husband is really gutted. I think he was holding out hope. Xx

  • That sucks 😞 Sorry 😞 Wishing you much luck for next time πŸ€ 6 frosties is a great number πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  • Thank you. Yes really lucky to have that many. The prospect of a fresh cycle at this stage must really be hard. So i should count my blessings!

  • Sorry to hear this, think I will be in this position come Monday xx

  • I would love to say stay positive but I know it's hard. I couldn't have had a better cycle prior to being a bfn. But just goes to show no matter how perfect you think things are something can floor you. Xxxx

  • Ah I'm so sorry to hear this, but like you say 6 Frosties is awesome, and FET's are much easier on your body xx I hope you had that glass of wine last night xxxx

  • Thank you hun. Yes went a bit crazy and had 4 large glasses. Fingers crossed for you tomorrow. Xxx

  • Thank you, I'm definitely a nervous wreck right now xxx

  • Hiya, sorry to hear this...I'm in the same boat and have 5 frosties waiting for me 😊 Just out of interest did your clinic say when you can start ur frozen cycle? Mine said I have to have a follow up appointment and go from there xxx

  • The clinic said it would be best to wait for my next cycle but they have sent through a fet transfer protocol for me today and it looks pretty simple. I was going to be my normal pushy self and say I want to start straight away however and this sounds odd but my acupunturist also studies your chinese chart and she said i should wait till may we said May was good as it was the phase of the next stage of my life. She told me that my phases began at 3 years old and change every 10 years. I will be 33 in May. This sounds weird but I can genuinely say that 3, 13 and 23 were new phases. I ignored this and went a head regardless but maybe there was some truth in it. Other further positive aspects is that my husband agreed to 2 embryos second cycle which is what I always wanted and I am going to use this month to lose my ivf bloat and spend some time getting myself back to beauty treatments. Just feel like I let myself go a bit. So... I hope you are feeling ok. Have you booked your follow up appointment yet? Xxx

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