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I really thought i had a good chance but sadly my body decided otherwise. I done my test and it was sadly a negative.Life is so unfair but i guessed i have to suck it up and moved on. That was my last frozen blastocyst and my husband and i agreed no more ivf. So will have to try natural with one fallopian tube at the age of 37. God knows i have tried. Hope you other ladies testing today have better luck. baby dust to you all.

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So sorry to hear your sad news. Its not fair when that happens. Have you thought about adoption or fostering? I know its not the same but you are still giving a child a loving home and once adopted they are yours. Hopefully you have some luck naturally and then you wont have to worry. I hope the pain eases soon for you. Take care xxxx

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I am so sorry to hear your news, life can be so cruel and meaningless at times. Take some time for you and your husband to come to terms with the whole thing and fingers crossed your time will come naturally. I think we need to believe in life that what will be will be. Lots of love to you xx


I'm so sorry to hear that hop36, it's so heartbreaking 💔, I got a BFN too. It's a very exhausting thought to have to go through that over again. My thoughts and prayers are with you today, I hope you and your husband can give each other lots of cuddles today xx


Hey lady

I thought it was the one for you too. Have you thought about donor eggs? Got my 3rd BFN last week and it's still very raw but I am not ready to quit. Researching a clinic in Prague regarding donor eggs as mine seem to be a kid of rubbish.

Take time out think about what you really want I read a story just yesterday where lady had 1 child and her hubby was getting on as was she. Failed IVF attempts next thing naturally she had 1 at 41, another at 43 and twins at 47 all natural and her husband if 63.

Don't give up you really never know 😘

I wish a happy ending for all of us on this sucker punch of a journey xxxx


Wow!! That's amazing...


i am sorry to hear on this - i am on day 9 post days 5 blastocyst frozen transfer and my test date is this sat. I am so nervous. I have had no symptons. Did you have no symptons too? I also check early (day 8 post transfer) and it was negative so i do not think I am that hopeful.

It is awlful and not sure how i would handle a negative result again

argggghhh - any tips would help please?


Hi! Mandy-k, sorry for the late response i needed a bit of time out. I will advice not to focus on any one thing because i had three failed transfer and each time the symptoms was different. This time i had a bit of dizzy feeling for two days and feeling a little sick. After that i was mostly fine. Just look after yourself physically and mentally. Wishing you all the best, baby dust to you.


So sorry to read this. I donated eggs last cycle and I hope very much they could help someone else.

In terms of adoption if it was something you would consider, one of my best friends has just adopted a little boy, was there the day he was born and took him home the day after so they won't miss anything.

Good Luck with whatever you decide. x


I just want to say how terribly sorry I am. No words can help the pain but I have gone through a failed IVF cycle and it broke my heart. I remember falling on the floor as my knees gave out when she said my beta was .06........ Time heals, not completely but it helps. Wishing you the best!


Hi hop36, I am so sorry. And you are right-never give up. Maybe one day you will change yr decision and will cycle again. Anyway best of luck


Really sorry to hear it was a BFN.

It's hard to decide when to stop treatment. We're on round three, never had any frosties, and I don't think I can go through it all again if it doesn't work.

Wishing you all the best.


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