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Not been on here since I got a BFN in August but after some advice.

At our follow up appointment we decided to go with an FET for our next try along with an Endometrial Scratch to give us that extra chance. I was under the impression it would be a short protocol again starting after the ES which I had today meaning I'd be having FET around the 20th November but we've been told today we're now on the long protocol but they can't say how long due to my cycle being so irregular. Has anyone been through this with an irregular cycle who can give me a rough idea of timescale? we've got a trip abroad booked for the 26th December and I'm worried that my 2WW will clash with this now x

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I'm not sure but I'm thinking it's around 6 weeks hun x

How was the scratch? Bloody hurts doesn't it! X


It did Hun, more than I thought it would!

Thank you 6 weeks isn't too bad. X


Ask the doctor to give you provera for your irregular cycle X


Thanks will do, I've not heard of Provera just usually been given Clomid or the pill. X


Hi, my second cycle was the long protocol and it took about 5- 6 weeks from starting the injections to test day. So hopefully this will be ok for you, I suppose it depends when you start. Mine took a few extra days as I needed higher doses of stimulating meds. Good luck x

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