Frustrated and impatient :(

Just feel like a rant, sorry!! Have waited 2 years to be placed on the IVF waiting list which is a further 12 months. Decided in October to go Private as not getting any younger and now due to xmas I cant start until January 2016. Feels like it is actually never going to start, arrrgggghhhh. Hate all the waiting. Anyway sorry, hope you are all well. Baby dust to you all 😘

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  • And then once you actually go through the IVF, there's more waiting again! It's a series of waiting, for the bfp, the scans...

    I would say to you to just enjoy Christmas and have a few drinks and party while you still can! And also, get your body ready for the treatment ahead. Take advantage of the extra time to start eating well (lots of protein), take prenatal vitamins, folic acid and start increasing your water intake as you will need bucket loads during treatment and beyond. You could also think about things like counselling and relaxation techniques to prepare yourself. It's not an easy journey so all these things will help you prepare.

    January is only 4 weeks away now - it'll fly by with Christmas in between! You're better off not being in the thick of injections over the holidays anyway, it would just make things awkward for you. I also delayed a month as I was going on holidays when I was due to start, it was annoying but when I look back, I wouldn't have been able to manage the injections while on holiday because they have to be kept in a fridge and taken at the same time every day.

    Best of luck. x

  • Tlove thank you for your response and great advice. It just feels like I am constantly chasing our dream and it always just seems to be a little out our grasp. Anyway I will remain positive as at least xmas will keep me occupied. Have you had your treatment cycle now?xx

  • I know, it's hard to stay patient with this journey! I'm the same age as you (36) and like you feel like time isn't on my side anymore but the clinic keeps telling me I'm still young!

    I started in September and I'm coming up to 8 weeks now, it was my first cycle and I didn't respond that well (3 mature eggs) but ended up with 2 blastocysts that looked good so I had both transferred. I feel incredibly lucky it has worked so far. We saw twins at 6 weeks but it was too early for heartbeats so I'm hoping and praying they are still looking good on Friday! We've been here before with natural pregnancies that all ended early, so I'm really nervous. But I do believe in IVF because they can see how well the little embryo is developing before transfer and it has to give you a good chance.

    For my protocol, I was on the pill for a month before injections. Maybe you can check with your clinic if this is part of your protocol as there is no reason why you couldn't get that started in December.

  • Aww Congratulations Tlove I am absolutely delighted for you. That is amazing news and I hope Friday is a great day and you get to hear 2 wee heartbeats.

    I am in the short protocol so I have to start Metformin on day 21 of my cycle and then injections start with my next period. My next period is due boxing day so the clinics are closed to scan before injections then. They have said I will need to start the following cycle which means I will be looking at early Feb, just feels like forever although I will feel better startings meds and knowing its progress xx

  • It is so frustrating. The good news is that you really are about to begin, only a few weeks to go and Xmas will make that go even faster.

    Good plan to go private rather than another year to wait. I do keep moaning about it but in my NHS it took them 2years and 4 months of us on their waiting list before I got my first cycle. Which failed incidentally, so I went private for a FET, and it worked! The private option was for me a far happier and supported experience. So you're doing everything you can to get the best outcome.

    Just take some time to enjoy socialising with friends and family, as it will become more tricky after you start treatment and you won't feel like going out much.

    Best wishes for your cycle,


  • Totally agree with the socialising! I've become a hermit at this stage, firstly it was the injections, then the tiredness and now I just don't want people pointing out that I'm not drinking. Plus, you feel like you want to give yourself the best chance by relaxing and not overdoing things.

  • Forgot to say, I hope your pregnancy is going well for you, smallcat. Great that you had a happy outcome with the private clinic. It's definitely important to feel like you're getting that support from them.


  • Thankyou, it was the best thing I could have done. xxx

  • Thanks ladies you make very good points about the festive period, socialising and being on the go etc. I will prep myself for Jan. Congratulations Smallcat, i am delighted for you and pleased to hear you had a great experience with your private clinic. How far along are you. Wishing noth you ladies a carefree wonderful pregnancy xx

  • Aww thanks,

    I'm about 10 weeks now. Had the 8 week scan, so all fine so far. Exhausted is my name, but not too sick just a bit queasy now and then.

    All the best luck in the world, new year new start. xxx

  • It's a lot of waiting isn't it but it will all be worth it in the end. Enjoy Christmas, take it easy and best of luck for January 2016... what a lovely way to start your New Year :)

    Good luck x o x o

  • I m starting in january too if u want we can be ivf buddies lol.

    For the moment i m starting the pill when my periods start, and they are LATE typical.

  • Hey Inthemiddleofit, yes that woukd be great, nice to hear from people that are also on the treatment at the same time. Its ironic that you spent years of your life praying your period does not arrive to praying for it to come when your treatment is about to start lol xx

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