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Slow growing embryos

I haven't posted anything since my first cycle in July which ended with a BFN.

This cycle I was switched to menopur, switched from ivf to icsi got 8 eggs of which four were fertilised.

Just had my ET and was told only two were good enough but were slow growing.

Had the two put back in with embryo glue....my question is....has anyone had slow growers that have resulted in a positive pregnancy?xx

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I had a slow growing embryo. We didn't transfer it (as I had another) and to be honest, I had written it off, but we got a call on day 6 to say it had caught up and they ended up freezing it. I was told they only freeze embryos that have a chance of giving a successful pregnancy so I think it is possible for you to get a positive result.

Good luck x


Thanks for that, gives us a bit more hope and as the clinic said, they are in the best place they can be now so everything crossed.

Everything was quite positive at the weekend so was hoping for a couple to freeze, but hey at least we got two in now so hopefully they will like their new home!



One of my Frosties was a slow grower too and didn't get frozen until day 6. I asked whether that impacted chances of success and was told the likelihood of implantation was only slightly less and the clinic had seen plenty of day 6ers which were successful. I did read somewhere (no idea how accurate it is) that girls are more likely to be slow growers so you never know! Good luck!


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