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No reaction to Menopur !?!?! Any Advice ??

I have a question I have been taking Menopur for 7 days now I went for a scan today and feel completely at a loss. Apparently nothing has happened when I was at the hospital no one really said anything just feel completely confused and lost don't know what's going on. Has anyone experienced this ?

Anyone got any tips or advice that I can do to help the process ? It's just all stressing me out which I know isn't happening.

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Hi there, some people are just slow responders hopefully at your next scan they will see things moving on. Have they increased your Menopour? Xx

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Yes they have doubled the dose of menopur and I have another scan Friday just feel a little lost as no one explained what was happening just said take this now and we will see you Friday ! xXx


I don't know if it will help any but I didn't respond at all to my first cycle, this cycle they have increase my dosage and I've been keeping my abdomen area warm with a heat pad or hot water bottle. I don't know if it makes any difference but it's worth a shot! Hope Friday gives you some good news xx

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Hi guys

Just to let you know hospital went well today although they are now concerned that I am hyper stimulating. Can't seem to find a happy medium.



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