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Elective C sections

For anyone on here who is currently pregnant through IVF or has given birth via C section. Please help with any advice. I want to request an elective/planned C section when the time comes, do you think the consultant will agree or do they try and advise against it? I've read a lot of stories where women really have to fight to get one and are talked out of it.

I have a few reasons for choosing this, I simply feel it is the best option for me both mentally and physically. I'm having my first baby at 40, nearly 41 by July. My partner is 6ft5 while I a petite 5ft4 and petite in all areas I might add. Having gone through the IVF route I really just want to have the birth as calm and fear free as possible, for me this means avoiding a gruelling vaginal delivery. All the women I know who had a first baby ended up having an emergency C section, after hours or days of agonised labour I might add. With a C section you have a lot of pain after the birth and in the recovery, but for me this is preferable to a traumatic birth.

Any advice much appreciated.


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Hi hun I've recently given birth by c section. My understanding is they will only give it to you if there is any sort of risk to baby or multiple births etc. I had twin girls who were also both breech.

I know they try and encourage natural birth even with me if the twins were in the correct position I would of had a natural birth.

Have you considered other birthing methods i.e water birth etc. Have you expressed your concerns to the mid wife? Xx


Hello. I would talk to your midwive about how your feeling. They may agree it on the basis that you have clearly thought about it and have reasons. Not that you have randomly decided to do this. I know they only normally do it in emergency. But not always. My sis in law had a planned c section. I'm having a home birth as I dislike hospitals and so for me I want it at home where I feel comfortable. Lots of luck work what ever happens. Xxxxxxxxxxxx


I would speak to the midwife about this and see what they say. I've been told (at GRI) that they will induce me so the baby is definitely here by the due date. They said they don't like women who have had IVF to go over their due date and they seem to view this as the way to minimise risk.

Good luck x


Thanks for your replies. I have my first midwife appointment on Thursday so will talk it over with her. Fingers crossed she is open minded, seems like it varies on how they view it. I don't want to be in the position of hoping and praying I have a medical reason for a C section as I know that I won't change my mind about what I feel is best for me.

I also don't want to spend my whole pregnancy dreading the birth or fighting with consultants.

Here's hoping it goes well,



They will try and discourage the c-section if they can. Your scans along the way will be a guide for you. They will know how big baby is getting. I'm not sure they can say no if you insisted. What about your family history? They should take all of that into consideration as well.


This is going to sound like a daft question, but as you say you are petite, what is your shoe size? The reason I ask, is that there is some degree of correlation between shoe size and the size of the Os,which is the internal opening of the pelvis [childbearing hips is just old wives tales!]. The fact that your partner is tall, doesn't really affect the size of the baby until after birth. Factors affecting size are usually hereditary [ie; large head] or due to gestational diabetes.

My personal opinion is that your age isn't a factor either. My best friend had my godson at 40 with no problems, though this was natural conception, so unsure if ivf makes a difference. She also had both her children [dd at 44] via water birth. I delivered my godson in the pool and she had very little pain throughout the whole process or any problems.

I'm not sure how difficult, or easy, it will be to request a c-section unless you're planning to do it privately. If nhs you could argue that it would be detrimental to your mental health, to experience vaginal birth.

I really hope you do get want you want and do remember to put together a very detailed birth plan, which includes the areas where there is no negotiation [except for medical emergencies of course] as this really helps both you and the midwife to focus on your needs.

Good luck and baby dust to you xx


I'm size 5 , my partner's whole side of the family all have large heads, the babies all have larger than average head sizes. Yes, hoping the scans will show this as I progress. Thanks for the advice, a detailed birth plan will be useful to do.




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