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Surprising news from my hospital bed!

Well I've just come round from my anaesthetic after my laperoscopy to some surprising news.

My "blocked tube" diagnosed at my salpingogram 2 years ago is in fact not blocked, in fact my womb and everything else looks "clean as a whistle" so nothing needed repairing or removing!

Apparently, due to the pain of the salpingogram my tube could have tensed up, appearing to be blocked or it could have been a mucous plug but today the dye spilled through both tubes fine!

So it seems that my low ovarian reserve is responsible for preventing us from conceiving, unless it's something else that makes my womb inhospitable like NK cells which I really know nothing about.

I'm partially relieved but as I expected this to be the answer and thing that repaired our fertility issue were kinda back to the drawing board... hmm. mixed emotions...

Do we seek further investigation, if so, what? Or just go back to ivf? Any thoughts anyone? Xxx

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Didn't want to read and run... what a relief about your tube! Massive positive for you guys. I have just had two biopsies to check for Uterine NK Cells and second one was a high result so I'll need steroids on our next round... I've just started reading the book 'is your body baby friendly' and it's a real eye opener! Would definitely recommend it to you.

I've been working with a reproductive reflexologist so that may be something to look into, and I also had my intolerances tested as these can cause inflammation in the body. Good luck in whatever you decide to do next xxxxx

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Hi Sprinkle, thank you for your lovely reply.

Ah, NK cells are detected via biopsy then. Good to know! I don't think they offer this on the NHS so I might look into going private for thus before our next IVF if a steroid may boost our chances.

Sounds like you've been through the mill though hun.

I hope this NK cell treatment is the answer for you.

That book sounds like it's worth a read, thanks for the tip!

I'll look into the other suggestions too.

I fancied trying the reflexology before my last ivf but I rang a holistic therapy clinic and was advised that accupuncture was the way to go so I tried that. Might go for the reflexology next time though.

It's interesting to find our your intolerances anyway so night give they a go too!

Good luck with your next round. When do you start? Xx


I'm hoping in a month or so, we have one frozen embie left from our first round... fingers crossed the steroids do the trick this time. We conceived on both tries but had early losses.

I paid £540 at a hospital in Coventry to have the biopsies done, which is a lot but not much compared to a full round of ivf I suppose. Well worth it anyway as we have something new to try this time! Xxxxx

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Aw, I do hope this makes all the difference for you this time hun.

I wouldn't think twice about paying £540 fir those tests, I don't blame you. In the grand scheme of things it's a small price to pay.

I look forward to seeing how your journey unfolds. Xx 😊 good luck lovely

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You can also have nk cells tested for in a blood test. There's still medical debate about which is the best way and whether either way is actually really proven.

You could also both have chromosome karotyping and tests for the recurrent miscarriage gene (to do with clotting), and also tests to see whether you absorb folic acid properly. I assume you've had anaemia and thyroid tests done as part of your original tests? Also your partner could have sperm fragmentation testing done. But all this costs money and you have to decide whether the balance of probability is such that you are likely to find out anything more. Take a look at the hfea website to see their analysis of which tests are worth having too. Xx


That's great news about your tube, hope you have a quick recovery from your laparoscopy.

I asked my consultant about being tested for NK cells this cycle, it is something you have to pay for but he wasn't keen. Apparently some are for it and some are against however after me explaining my reasons he agreed to put me on steroids which is the treatment for NK cells so it's definitely worth looking into. Lots of luck xx

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Thank you hun, I am pleased. Just couldn't quite get over it!

Wow, if they're willing to just put you on steriods as a precautionary it's definitely worth mentioning!

I hope this is the answer for you xx


I think because I had a missed miscarriage last year and then 2 unsuccessful FET there wasn't a lot of reasons as to why my embryos weren't sticking so this was worth trying. I got my BFP last week just waiting for my early scan so hopefully it could be an answer for you too. Lots of luck xx


Thats absoloutly amazing news for you!

I'm going in for a lap and dye a week today (28th) as i had a hydrosalpinx but the fluid has now disapeared but the gynae is worried my tube is now scarred and damaged and worse case scenario is i'll come around from the anaesthetic with said tube removed.

I fully get your mixed emotions because you prepare yourself for the worst. Which is definatly what i'm doing. Fingers crossed all goes well for you going forward. Have you got to have a follow up appt? Xxx

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Aw, thank you hun.

I hope your lap and dye goes well and whatever the outcome it improves your chance of conceiving!

I was fully prepared to have the tube removed thinking it would be our answer so I know what you mean.

I figure that if the tube is damaged and not functioning, although removing it is a horrible thought, if it helps to conceive then it's worth it.

I do have a follow up written on my paperwork and guess they'll send for me as they didn't say what for/when.

Fingers crossed all goes well for you hun!

Do you go for ivf after it or ttc naturally?

Apparently the dye can clear any debris and help improve chances anyway! Xx


Good that you have a follow up, hopefully they'll answer any questions you need answering and hopefully you won't be waiting to long for your follow up appointment.

When the gynae asked me what i would consent to during the lap i basically said anything that'll increase my chances so i definatly know what you mean. Ivf has been discussed with us, but gynae said she'll discuss it further when i have my follow up appointment after my op as she'll be able to advise us further once she knows properly whats what!

Hope your recovery from the op is speedy xxxx


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