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Well I've had my results of my tests today and was totally devastated to find out I have 1 blocked fallopen tube and the other travels very slowly 😔. They said that I could have tube surgery but would recommend IVF treatment

As percentage of success is higher ...... I'm booked in at the end of April to see a tube specialist because I also have fluid in my tubes as well.

Luckily there isn't really a waiting list where we are reviving treatment.

I just feel so numb I don't know how I'm suppose to feel.

They gave me a number for a counciler but I don't even know what your suppose to say or ask them.

Sending love to all you lovely ladies who are going threw this treatment one way or another x

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Hi! I know what you mean, I found out in November that both my tubes are blocked and there was no chance of operation so IVF is the only route. Thankfully there wasn't much of a waiting list and we have started the process already and I am on day 10 of taking my down reg drugs. When we got told that IVF was the only option I remember not knowing how to act, I kept wondering how I was 'supposed' to feel, but I guess there is no way to feel just deal with it how ever it suits you! I can say, that so far the process is going quickly and fairly smoothly so once you get going you can be excited again!!

Good luck with the process, you will do great!! IVF is quite exciting, you feel like your finally getting somewhere!! :-) xxx

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Hello, thank you for sharing your expirence, and glad to hear your treatment is going smoothly.

I suppose its a big old daunting world out there and once we get started on the treatment we will have a lot more understanding and hopefully like you say start to feel excited again 😊.

Good luck with your treatment I hope all goes well for you x



I'm sorry to hear that things didn't go as you would have hoped today.

Speaking to someone can really help. I see a counsellor and she has been amazing. I didn't really know what to say either (in reality you don't have to say much) and had no idea how it was going to help!

But counsellors have lots of experience dealing with women and couples in our shoes. The first day I saw my counsellor I just explained that we had been ttc for almost 2 yrs and that I was very sad and angry it hadn't happened yet. The counsellor pretty much took it from there which was just as well as I couldn't say much for all the tears!

Take care x


Thank you for sharing your experience, I suppose I have lots of inabitions ( if that's the right word) of councillors and I'm afraid of making a fool out of myself but like you say they know what there doing and I suppose no 2 people are the same.

I think I might give it a few more weeks and bite the bullet so to speak and give it a go if I feel like I need to speak to someone.

Thank you for sharing your expirance and good luck on your treatment x


I'm sure you must be really upset but look at it this way...if they know what the problem is they know how to solve it. I just went through my first IVF and before I did it they found no problem at all. When they went to collect my eggs I had none...so now they know the problem (I do produce eggs but something is making them slow to mature so this time their was none...haven't had my review yet). I'm hoping though now they know where the problem is that they will be able to target my treatment towards that.

They told me when I was going through tests that a lady they knew had no tubes at all but was she was able to conceive through IVF still.

I hope you feel better soon....chin up! Xx

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Thank you for sharing your expirience, my husband seems to of took it in his stride and says the same as you they now know what's wrong So maybe I just need to start changing my thinking pattern 😊.

Good luck with your treatment, and hope all works out for you x x

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Stay positive! I have stage 4 endo, with two blocked tubes, My ovaries, tubes and uterus are stuck to my bowels And I will need a hysterectomy later. I was told that IVF was the only option for me, and then I found out that not only did I have a low egg production, they could not retrieve the eggs the normal way, so I would require a laparoscopic egg collection. Which they only recommend they do once maybe twice if the doc signs off on it.

I had my lap in Oct. They could only retrieve 2 follicles, even thou they could see 15 on the scan but they were stuck between my ovaries and bowels so they couldn't access them. I had both embryos transferred, lost one (we thought we lost both cause I bled so much) but now I'm here 20 weeks later with a baby kicking like crazy in my belly!!!

I got super depressed but then we had a miracle On our first IVF try and everything. So stay strong and positive!!!!!!!


Thank your for sharing your journey , lovely to hear a positive out come for yourself . It's good to hear that IVF does work for people, and could work for us hopefully one day.

I wish you good luck with your bundle of joy x x


Hello. I know how tough this is as I went through this. I found HSG's emotionally really hard.

What they choose to do depends on where the tubes are blocked. If they are blocked at the end nearest to the uterus they can proceed with IVF. If they are blocked at the other end, the tubes can fill with fluid and this can compromise the IVF.

For me I had an op to open my tubes and repair them, after which I was given a 40% chance of conceiving naturally. Unfortunately for us this did not work so I later had my tubes removed completely (as they had blocked again and filled with fluid) then went into IVF.

Good news is that I am now 17 weeks pregnant. It took a long time to work through these problems but it was the right thing to do. Its good that they are sending you to a tube specialist so you can check out all of the options. My advice would be to get it all sorted and don't just rush into IVF if the tubal issues could compromise the outcome.

What I held onto was the fact that we knew what the issue was, and even though it took time, we knew how to resolve it. Once my tubes were out I really felt like I was a 'clean slate' and ready to go.

Good luck xx


Thank you for sharing you eexpirience with me lovely to hear a positive out come when you've been threw.

I had heard about the fluid in the tubes effecting IVF, probably on here.

When we see the specialist I will make sure I talk over every option with them as the consultant we seen the other day was pushing us just for IVF.

Good luck with your bundle of joy x x


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