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6dp5dt - bleeding with blood clots


First time posting here but I’ve been reading different posts driving myself crazy and needing some reassurance.

It’s been 6dp5dt and everything was semi going well, only had light cramping on day 1 & 2 and onwards I just had a pinching/tugging sensation. Woke up this morning to intense period cramps so went to the toilet and saw blood at the bottom of the toilet bowl and when I wiped it was red. Also started getting small bloodclots. I’m so devastated but hubby is saying we could still have a chance. I’ve searched every site/page on google to see if this is normal. Has anyone experienced this but still have a positive outcome? I don’t go to have my bloods taken till the 30th so I’m already feeling numb that it hasn’t worked.

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Hi, I’m sorry not to be able to give proper advice, but I would suggest that you call your clinic to get a professional opinion. They might be able to confirm if it is normal or if you need a scan.

I will be thinking of you and sending a lot of hope and love xx


Hi Hopingtobemum. Ity's difficult to say for certain what has happened. As you have probably read, some ladies have a bleed, then go on to have a normal pregnancy. Just rest when you can, and make sure you continue with your pessaries, if you have been prescribed them. Keeping everything crossed that this is just a "blip" and all will continue to be OK. Thinking of you. Diane

Thank you so much for replying. I’ve called up clinic and they’ve said that though it’s not normal to bleed like this some women still go on to have positive results. I just have to keep taking my vitamins and pessaries. I’m hoping and praying that I’ll be one of these women. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts xx

Good luck, keeping my fingers crossed for you xxx

Thank you so much! Needing all the luck right now xxx

Good luck sweetie, everything crossed for you, rest up. Xx

Thank you so much!! All I can do is rest and pray for a miracle xxx

I can feel your desperation an agony hun. Have you mentioned it to the doctor? Because we are no experts here. Moreover, everybody speaks here according to what they have experienced. But I hope for you that it might be an implantation bleeding. I know, the fear of losing again is horrible. I have been through the same causalities.... thrice. When I had my first transfer, brownish bleeding started and gets heavier... I tested it was BFN. Then it continued to show as is. I couldn't bear the fact... But yeah.. the same fate followed for the next two transfers. I lost it big time!! You must get a professional advice or take a HTP in order to be calm until the blood test. But I wish for your positive outcome. May this be your time.

I’m sorry to hear about what you went through. No one should have to suffer once let alone three times. I’m preparing myself for this to have failed but having said that I am also clinging on by a thread hoping that somehow I’ll have a positive outcome. Really praying for a miracle right now.

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