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Low ovarian reserve

We went for our first consultation before we start IVF the other day. My consultant said he was concerned as he could only count 6 follicles on my baseline scan and said I may have a low ovarian reserve for my age 27 and this might be the reason we haven't been able to convieve. He is doing an AMH blood test to confirm. My previous FSH test was moderate at 12 but this was done over a year ago. I also had a Antral follicle count of 12 a while back. Is it possible that my ovarian reserve could have decreased that rapidly in a year? (I have six months of clomid to which I didn't respond very well?) does any one have any success stories with a low reserve? Or any tips? Hopefully we will find out more when my AMH is back?

Thanks for any replies in advance. My sister in law has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy but I'm finding the whole situation and life in general at the moment very difficult so any advice would be very much appreciated.

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Hello, just a quick message to let you know that I was in exactly the same boat as you this time last year. High FSH and low AMH with a low follicle count. I felt like everything was against me. I also had endo and a blocked tube. However, I was advised to take Dhea for 3 months before our cycle to try and boost the egg quality of any eggs they could retrieve and I also had weekly acupuncture. In addition, I had the endo scratch before treatment and asked the clinic to use endo glu for transfer. I'm now just 4 weeks away from meeting our baby twins. Against all odds it worked for me, so stay strong and explore all things offered to you xxxx

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Thankyou that's really great advice what's dhea if you don't mind me asking? I have had Accupuncture in the past and I've enjoyed that so I will go for that again before the treatment begins. It's lovely to hear someone's success story. I have been diagnosed with endo aswell and I had a large cyst on one of my ovaries in my appt. you do really feel like the odds are stacked up against you. Xxx


I know exactly how you feel. They only found my endo when they found my cysts and it was a big shock - it had already done damage to me without me even knowing about it. DHEA is kind of like a steroid but apparently boosts your egg quality if you take it for 3 months prior to egg collection. Our consultant recommended it so worth asking yours about it too. Good luck Hun xx


Thanks that's really great il definitely look into DHEA I know a lot of what my consultant told me on Monday came as a bit of a shock so I think it's just all sinking in at the minute. I've joined the gym aswell to give me a bit of focus and take my mind off things. Xxx


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