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Feeling low feeling sad like it's already a BFN

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I am only 2dp5dt and am feeling defeated already.

Feeling so sad like I already have my fate. Trying to stay upbeat but this takes everything you have even before you get to this stage not sure I have anything left.

Test day 21st which is exactly a year ago to date when I got my first failed BFN, 2nd in May this year and 3rd well....

Sorry for the sad post ladies probably feeling way too sorry for myself.

Good luck to you all πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

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Noooooo, don't give up on your little one, until af comes and its definitely all over, your little one is there, fighting, latching on for a 9 month rollercoaster ride :)

The blastos are much stronger

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Thanks losing hope77

Thought be a dab hand by now but this is so hard and I still have a week to go.

Your right need turn my frown upside down.

How are you? Xx

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Amusing myself ATM, when I had the egg collection the lovely surgeon told me I should get an external hemoroid sorted. Sooooo. I spoke to my gp on Tuesday, he agreed, on Saturday thanks to private insurance I had it removed. OMG don't do it!!!!!!!!!

So now I am officially a pain in the bum.

On the bright side Im not thinking about January now when my cool kids come home, I'm too concerned about being able to sit out stand without feeling dizzy ;)

See, there is always an up side ;)

How about you

By the way

I find adult colouring books really nice. Fit the watching TV but not really moments xx

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Funniest thing is learnt from last time about Google😹

Why the human brain doesn't comprehend learning lessons fast.

Went for accupuncture today and he gave me a relaxing session feeling better got cramping st the minute comes and goes but staying positive.

So your not starting till JAn good month for cool kidsπŸ€

Unlucky we had none to freeze think that got to me to as we started off with 12 eggs and ended up with my last 2 babies that are all implanted and ready for the ride.

Hope all goes well and your cool kids do just as they are told.

Gonna read me a good book


Hon stay cool πŸ€—

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Aaah that's better ;)

Hi I know it's a killer in in the 2ww is so hard! Try and be strong!

Maybe it's 3rd time lucky for you Hun xxxx

Stay positive Hun!! I know it is easier said than done (my test date is the 20th). I'm searching every little thing and googling every symptom or lack of. This is by far the worst part but try to stay positive. We've got this far and not long to go now! Sending lots of love x

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Move away from Google ;) it'll drive you mad

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Good luck for 20th πŸ˜˜πŸ€

Good luck ladies. X

Why so negative tam tam? What do u know that no one else does at this point?

It makes a massive difference remaining positive through the two week wait and it can a big influence on your success.

My advice ayart using relaxing techniques, I.e. Zita west cd which focuses on visualisation techniques and relieving your stress levels. Imagine u embryo implanting and attaching to your uterus and bring safe and secure. Think of your embryo developing and growing.

Try and stop the negativity and focus on the above instead

You will be fine


Thanks for your reply honey I think I was having s low morning just felt sad but since had accupuncture which relaxed me and now home just chilling waiting for hubby to eat dinner gonna have a warm shower and hug my babies on board.

What I wouldn't do for a long hot soak πŸ€—

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Love a hot bath tooooo

Hi, try to stay positive, hopefully its third time lucky. Dont give up on your little one who is hopefully making him/herself nice and comfortable. Try some online xmas shopping to keep you busy. Go out for lunch or a walk with friends and family just to help take your mind off things. Krepibg everything crossed for you. Its my birthday sat so i really hope you have a bfp as that would make my day. Stay calm and try to relax. Good luck xx

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Thank you honey and a very early happy bday hope you get all you wish for 😘

Just wanted to say I really feel like this at times. I'm now 8dp5dt and I'm so up and down.

I'v not had a single symptom and it's driving me mad. Must stay strong and try to be positive.

Good luck and all the best. We all deserve this!!


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Hey you

I am grateful to have reached the halfway mark just having intermittent sore boobs and cramping on and off and some tearful moments that's it.

Let have faith that no symptoms are good (like the no news good news)

Good luck for test day, keep strong 😘

The 2ww is just awful! When I had low points I found it helped to repeat to myself "There's nothing to suggest it's not worked". Really simple but it helped me to stay calm/positive.

Good luck x


You are very right it's just so horrid I feel part is me is scared as I don't want to test on hubby bday as last year it was a bfn on his birthday and we are back here again😒

He is more positive and keeps saying twins I am not bothered just as long as it's a BFP AND A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY

IVF journey is all about relaxing, staying positive and leaving in the hands of God.

It is well. Don't entertain fears.


That's very true but if you been hit twice sometimes even no matter how hard you try you still falter this journey is unexplainably unexplainable....

But we are halfway there not too long to go....

Dear Tamtam

Like you I'm on my 3rd 2ww, only a few days left and am so with you on trying to keep positive. Taken time off work this time so trying to find ways to distract myself. Yesterday spent day with my sister and gorgeous 4month old nephew, today I've spent over Β£300 on me and it's only 11am, oh no, keep me away from online shopping, lol. Baking for Christmas the plan for tomorrow

Lots of positive thoughts coming your way



Necks thinking of you.... Step away from the credit cardπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

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