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3d+5dpt no symptoms 😢

Hi ladies

Just feel sooooo sad 3dt+5dpt no symptoms. Feels like my world has paused test day not till June 7 but just feel really sad. I have been positive up to this point but each day is now becoming less and less positive.

Sorry for the negative just feeling real sad we have tried absolutely everything this cycle and as it's our last we praying this would be the one.

Anyways good luck for all of us, still hope🙏🏽😘

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Hang in there my lovely.....i am 3dt+9 days and started to wobble too since 2 days ago!! It's always the second week that gets to me .....taking myself off for a gentle head and shoulder massage!!! Anything to keep my mind off wanting to test early....hoping beyond hope but not got that pregnancy feeling although have read all the stories and there is no right or wrong feeling during IVF!! fingers, toes and everything crossed for the both of us!!!! Xxxx


Hey you

It's so darn hard we haven't even got the the week yet that will be Sunday.

Have you had many symptoms? Most I had was a few shooting pains, cramping a slight scratchy feeling and now that's all gone... Boobies slightly hurt but not much just feeling of sad and backache....but that could be just the mess. Give upsetting to figure it all out🙏🏽

I have everything crossed for us both good luck


Had pretty much the same as you on first week, itchy skin, sore boobs, inflated belly enough to hide a mountain of kids in!!! I hope!! He he!! Getting a cold today to top it all off!!! i gotta laugh as haven't got anymore tears to shed!! Xxx


I haven't been through this stage yet but I'v heard of the dreaded 2ww and so I can only imagine what you guys are going through. There is absolutely still hope! I'm crossing my fingers for you both. Positivity can work wonders. Wish you both all the luck in the world! x


Thanks Lauren xx


Fingers crossed for you lovely! x


Thanking you both 😘


I'm 3dp5dt and no symptoms either- apart from tonsillitis and a lot of sneezing, which started the day before transfer so I know it's not pregnancy related. I've been reading a lot of books (not fertility/pregnancy ones) to help keep my mind occupied. I'm feeling very negative too- it feels like there is so much to lose so I just can't get my hopes up.


Hey K

It's a really hard one as much as I try to stay positive it's hard.... Had like a dull ache all day and back ache but that could be anything, feeling shattered now struggling to stay awak.

Been reading , working not much and listening to music to try and take my mind off things too.

It's so unfair and really

Not easy I try to be happy for others but it's hard....

Let's do the journey stay in touch

Here is you need a rant or to just off load😘

Wishing us both massive sticky joy xxx


My counsellor told me a good metaphor regarding a woman's hope during an IVF Cycle- she said, normally your hope is like a rubber ball, it can be dropped from a great height and still bounce back, however during an IVF cycle it's more like an egg- you can't bear to raise it too high because if it gets dropped it'll just smash to pieces. It made a lot of sense to me and helps me explain the way I'm dealing with this to the 'just stay positive' brigade. I did have bright blue veins across my boobs a few days ago but they've gone now so I think they were from the trigger shot if anything. Other than that, nothing at all so have pretty much convinced myself that this isn't our time. I do hope that this time works for you and CamelKarma. Let me know if you have any good book recommendations - I just finished my second book in 3 days!!!

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