Feeling down BFN 9dp5dt (secondary infertility)

Hi, I'm coming to the end of my 2ww after EC on 1st Feb and having a 5AA grade blastocyst transfered on 6th Feb. So today I'm 9dp5dt. Since about Saturday I've been feeling period cramps on/off but no sign of period yet. I did HPT yesterday and this morning, both BFN.

This was our one and only ivf attempt - unfortunately we had no embryos suitable for freezing. So I'm feeling terribly sad that this is the end of our journey and worried how I'm going to cope and move on. I know we're incredibly blessed to have a child already, but I so desperately hoped for a sibling for him. Just this morning he was telling me about how his friends have siblings and that he wants a baby brother/sister too :(

Conceiving naturally is very unlikely. My husband has a blockage and his results have been getting worse, plus I think my fertility is not great. I'm 35 but my AMH was 12.6pmol/L in Oct last year and I only grew 6 follicles during this ivf cycle (5 eggs collected and fertilised). I was taking things a day at a time and thought it was positive we made it to blastocyst with a top notch embryo. Ivf is such a cruel process. So much to go through in just one cycle only for it to all be determined at the end stage.

Does aanyone know if the cyclogest pessaries I'm taking (400mg twice daily) could be preventing my period from coming and that's why I'm cramping but not bleeding and BFN?

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  • I'm not sure but I don't think you get your bleed until you stop all medication. When I got my bfn last October I was told to stop my meds (including pessaries) and I got my period about 3 days later.. Of course I hope you are still in with a chance, when was your official test date? x

  • Unfortunately that's what I'm thinking. I was told to do first test today. Hard to accept it's all over :(

  • I'm sorry. It's heartbreaking I know 😞

  • Hi AV135. Oh dear, so sorry to hear this. However, providing you have tested on the day you were advised, then contact the clinic and ask them what to do. It usually takes a few days for AF to start, due to the progesterone. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane. I spoke to the clinic who advised me to keep taking progesterone and test again in two days. However because I have been cramping for a few days they said it's likely the cycle has been unsuccessful.

  • Hi AV135. Let's wait and see. Maybe the cramping is just leftover from procedures. Will be hoping with you. Diane

  • Thinking of you too. Really hope there's a light out there for you.

    Mine is also secondary infertility. Have an 11 yr old from previous relationship. I'm on first IVF cycle and is in 2ww.


  • Thank you. We're now trying to decide if we should have one more try, even though we've spent the limit we set. So hard, heart vs brain. Or do we accept it and move on. I hope you have better luck than us and get your BFP. I see you've got a frostie too. Good luck

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