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Not even got to egg transfer. Game over


The 1 egg we had didn't fertilise so it's game over for us. We know it was one hell of a long shot but still feeling rather rubbish.

We have a follow up appointment on Monday so glad that's quick but not with our original consultant as she's on maternity leave!

I guess we talk about the next steps we have another nhs cycle so we know we are very lucky I know donor eggs will be mentioned so lots to think and talk about.

In the mean time I'm eyeing up the wine rack.

Good luck to all of you this is one shitty ride to go through! X

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Omg that's my worst nightmare we have collection tomorrow and I am so worried about fertilisation.... This is our last cycle we have spent thousands and we are defo not rich.

I am so sorry and yes a shitty ride is an understatement it's more of a constant tsunami :(

Stay positive as that's all you have in this ride nothing is ever over until

You say enough is enough.

Massive hugs to you xxxx

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I'm so sorry hun, it is a horrendous journey, I'm gutted for you. Enjoy one of those bottles of wine tonight. I really hope it works for you on the next cycle. I'm crossing everything for you xxx

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I am so sorry to hear this. I guess this time was not the right time for you! This journey is hell. Enjoy the wine xxx💕💕💕


I think you're doing the right thing by looking at the next steps. This must be incredibly hard for you. I hope you have some success in the future, good luck.


So sorry sending you big hug 💝 Xxx


This happened to me. Hugs your way, it's such a shocking thing to happen and we really didn't contemplate it, especially when they seemed so positive at egg collection.

editing as I've just seen your other post mentioning low AMH. I did some research and there are clinics that look into other options before donor eggs, but I think they might be expensive.


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