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Egg transfer

Hello everyone ..... Well I had my egg transfer yesterday .... We only transferred one as was of high quality so fingers crossed..... Day one of 2ww is over lol ..... I'm so nervous .... I have a question though my driving theory test is booked for the morning of my pregnancy test ..... Is worried my head will be a bit all over the place after the result whatever it may be ..... Should I maybe delay the theory test ? Good luck to everyone on there journeys xxxxxx

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Good luck on your 2ww! I'm on day 6. Not finding it too bad, but I keep getting terrible headaches (probably the progesterone, Grrrr!) So they've just wiped me out so not focusing on much other than the pain and getting better.

Stay positive and upbeat, that's very important. Eat well and as healthy as possible and drink lots of water and milk!

Re: the theory test, that's a tough one, as you're meant to just carry on with your every day life but test day is a pretty important day and you're right whatever the outcome you may not be fully focused on your test. May be best to alter it if you can

Wishing you lots of luck for that positive! Message me any time. This is my second 2ww so I'll hopefully not be symptom spotting like last time!

Take care xx


good luck on the 2 ww. keep as busy as you can but I would delay your test


Can you test a day or 2 early? That way you're focused? Otherwise delay a week or so, that way whatever the news, you can absorb it and act accordingly.


im completely new to this and my partner and i are in the process of getting referred for nhs ivf. We have an appointment on Tuesday to find out more information on the process. But reading through the posts on this site there is so many abvreviations i dont understand. What is 2ww? I know i probably sound stupid.


Hello 2ww means 2 week wait... Don't worry I never understood them all to begin with either haha .... Good luck with ur journey x


I was the same as you!! It's the two week wait from the day of transfer till the day you can test. It drags on like two months! Lol



Good luck for your 2ww :-)

You don't want to be stressing about extra stuff right now, so it might be worth postponing your theory test...extra time to revise!!



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