Never get good news πŸ˜”

Hope all ur lovely ladies are doing OK ☺ I went for a follow-up appointment yesterday to find out if any reason I've had 3 failed attempts and to ask about getting some tests down so all at this point was going well gave me a number to phone but down England but we would drive 7 to 8 hours down coz just need to rule everything out so b4 we leave tell us will do a scan today make sure everything is fine and if all good will hear from j in December to start January treatment only thing that's keeping me going then that all changed as found loads of fluid in my tubes so they have to cancel my treatment transfer me back to hospital nearer me yo get op to get my tubes removed my heart can't take no more as it can me up to a year waiting list then after I get them removed have to wait 3 to 4 month B4 I can start my treatment again wish they just removed them in Jan when 1St saw some fluid I can't stop myself falling apart jist once would like good news was starting to feel bit better after my 3Rd fail there now this πŸ˜” sending baby dust to u all πŸ’• xxxxx

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  • Thinking of you xxxxx

  • Thank you hun β™₯ xxxxx

  • Aww jess! The same happened to me back in January but mine was found on the day of egg collection. They told me they are going to have to freeze embryos until my tube is removed (one was taken out years ago) how annoying! If got my head around collection transfer 2ww.. but they said if the fluid leaks it can harm the embryo and didn't want to take any chances. So Jan I had collection.. March was when I had my tube removed and it was June by the time post op and they'd let me do a transfer... I hope yours doesn't take so long... the time did go quick though! It's a pain but it's best they've found it now than it happen after your embryo goes back in..

    I know the drive is far but it's so worth ruling things out... and if you do have issues or immune issues youl be able to be treated for it - I can't believe immunity tests etc aren't available up there!

    You seem like a tough cookie chick... keep your chin up and keep smiling don't let any of these obstacles knock you down.. they are there to make you stronger and to make sure your next shot you've given it your all with no obstacles in the way.

    Mwah x

  • Thats wot happened to me aswel in Jan wee or two before my ec they found fuild but kept my ec date checked again before ec and there wasn't any so went ahead wish they just removed them in Jan coz now used 3 of my best embryos I just feel done with it all hate that it's my fault me and my partner are going thrgh this they said it's up to a year waiting list hope they how u feeling we defo are going to phone the clinic the hospital gave us yesterday and get booked in for tests thanks hun defo dont feel it just a wee emotional wreck sending u big hugs xxxxxx

  • Aww babes don't blame yourself I blame them! They should of taken no risks of them filling up again and told you to have them removed. They give you worse case scenario babe they said the same to me ... then just keep chasing it up and nagging them once your on the list. Babes best embryos mean hardly anything! I used my best previously and the one that stuck was the one that was a day behind the others and was frozen on day 6...

    Please don't be hard on yourself... you have some frozen right?

    And I'm glad your having your tests done. I promise to me it was is my world came down and that wait. .. but the time soon came round! X try and take something positive out of this hun! X your dream will be full filed when the times right! Look at me 15 years.. I'm not saying as long as me but it will happen sweet x

  • Really wish they did even tho in Jan when told me about the fluid the last thing I wanted was to get them removed as just was so excited to get my ec an transfer as waited so long but if new all this would happen and nearly a year later I now need to get them removed I would go back to Jan and tell them just do it as it's now Hut me harder now as all my treatment is cancelled for now I defo want the tests done just to rule everything out I thank you so much for telling me about it as they never told me anything they gave me a place yo phone that there in contact with as rather go somewhere they no just feel done scunnered with it all yeah u have waited sooooooo long don't no how uve done it as am 8 years am feel it's all over just wish for once would get some good news and I will be on there case as soon as the letter comes thrgh xxxxxx

  • I am so sorry Hun :( I know being put back is really tough!!! Whilst you are waiting try to put TTC on hold and enjoy all the things u enjoy and don't do in case you are pregnant etc. time does go quickly so hopefully if you keep busy the time will go quickly. You will get there and it will be well worth the wait! Just think how much you will appreciate that little baba!! Xx

  • Thank you bumpwanted just so hard thinking am starting again next month now maybe be over a year to wait but hopefully they will see 8 years of hell and take me sooner some people only wait 3 months hope that's me as can't handle all this ive got sooooooo much love to give a wee baby hope ur well xxxxx

  • Hi Lynsey86 I'm sorry to hear that πŸ˜” U went through a lots ...πŸ˜” This is crazy why they didn't sort your tubes in beginning avoid any liquid and give u better chances for succesfull cycle. Now op and another few months to wait ...I feel sorry Hun for u ... But u need to stay positive ....πŸ˜ƒI know is easy to say but don't think that u waste time becouse of that ...u don't Hun . U didn't done anything wrong from your side in previous unsuccessful cycles. U have eggs and good grade embryos them who should predicts things like that ... Now u need to make sure they gonna do what they should done long time ago ...remember nothing can brake u anymore ...only will make u stronger becouse u doing that for your self Hun

  • Yeah it really coz they saw fluid in Jan but coz didn't see it at the next scan they said it was fine just need to keep an aye on it really wish they just done it coz now ive lost 4 of the best embryos coz as u no had 3 failed attempts and one didn't make the thaw is so hard knowing my treatment has stopped for now breaks my heart definitely get all the tests done as can't handle going thrgh all this for it to fail again hope all is well with u olivia1980xxx πŸ’• xxxxxx

  • Oh! hun, am so sorry to hear that. I know the feeling sometime it feels like a never ending fight but please hang in there. Will be thinking of you.

  • Awww I really am devastated that my treatment has now stopped hope ur well hop36 xxxxx

  • Hi! lynsey86, Am doing good thank you, had a bit of counselling yesterday to help keep me focus on my dream. I know it easier said than done but keep having faith. My transfer was cancelled last month due to the medication not working. So am starting over, it hard, but finger cross tomorrow is my first scan before my transfer. I had two operation in 2013 because of fertility problems. I kept falling but i keep getting back up am not ready to give up the fight. What i learnt is we got to keep our eye on the present avoid thinking too far in the future, Take care hun, keeping my finger cross for you, best of luck.

  • Awww really hope everything goes well today hun u deserve some good news yeah very hard but we say we aren't strong but I think all us girls and guys are for wot we have been good thrgh it's heartbreaking aww thank you hun ur sweet hope to see ur good news soon πŸ’• xxxxx

  • Thank you!

  • Hi hun, so sorry to hear that. I know what is like to get bad news all the time. But please hang in there. I haven't reached the IVF route so far but if by January I'm not pregnant my consultant has suggested IVF. I also got a blocked tube (right side) and I'm thinking if is a good idea to ask my consultant to remove it before starting IVF. Big hugs to you.

  • Awww really hope u get good news soon and don't need the ivf route but if u do hun I would definitely say to them coz this is like a year now and things still going wrong wishing u luck hun xxxxx

  • I'm on second cycle of clomid and I don't think it has worked. My consultant prescribed clomid for 3 cycles only due I'm a auto immune sufferer. Can I ask you which clinic you were attending for your IVF,if you don't mind bcos I've been given a list of clinic to choose. You can pm me pls.

  • Hi Lynsey,

    It is a very difficult journey and it helps to know your not on your own. Me and my husband start our 4th treatment soon and I have had one tube removed and one tied so I cannot conceive naturally. Your not on your own and even when you think you are and you feel so lost, just send a message and we can all go on our journeys together to hopefully

    One day have our miracle come true xx

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