Booked in to get nk cell test done ☺

Hey lovely ladies not been on for a while just been trying to sort my head out last time was on my treatment got cancelled coz fluid was again found after my 3rd fail until get my tubes removed couple of lovely girls on here were asking if had nk cell test done didn't even no anything about it but now got booked to go down England next Monday ☺ and coz how long been going thrgh all this we have been gave a well earlier appointment for my operation so that's just wee update ☺ sending baby dust to u all 💖

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  • Well done on getting the test done babe! You won't regret it either way. I know so many people who have them and have got pregnant now like me. Xxxx

  • Thank you so much huni for telling me about after u did a few other girls mailed me and was telling me about it aswel if u never told me would never have new about it so now can rule that out after get tested fingers crossed I will be one of them babe ☺ how far on are u now so happy for u hope all is well xxxxx

  • Good luck babes! I wish people told me about it years ago! Grr

    I'm 22 weeks tomorrow with a little boy x

    You'll soon be in the same position as me xxx

  • I think they should always say to everyone the Dr told me there not that far forward with all this and told me in the next few years they will learn more about it all I do think with me it is all the fluid but when u told me about this it defo made me think I never ever get sick so could be both huni omg thats amazing a baby boy bet u have been going mad buying everything u so deserve it ♥ xxxxxx

  • Are you having the test by blood test or biopsy?

  • Biopsy huni xxxx

  • Thanks for letting me know..

  • Hello Lynsey86 . I having being here since last year ....but I remember when I wrote to u before about NK cells . I'm so happy for u Hun that finally u gonna have done this test . I really wish for u all best and I hope this 2016 gonna be BFP for all of us here ladies 😃😃

  • Yip huni I thank you so much for being one of the lovely ladies to fill me in on the nk cell test am so happy finally booked in to get it done how us ur treatment going huni xxxxx

  • Is year now since was us last IVF cycle😔 Time flight 😔But hopefully soon we gonna start new one . We change doctor for really good one😃 He want to do few tests before we start new cycle. Is my second month now when I go on day 21 to give my blood to check my progesterone if I ovulating . I did last month and in couple days I need to call for this month results. My hubby had "his check done "...all really good 😃 I cannot wait to start new cycle ..this time I'm less stress what I being before I'm more prepared. I'm gonna keep u updating Hun and I hope this year gonna be successful for both of us 😃😃 xx

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