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So upset!

I'm day 5 post egg recovery and today was the day I should have found out if we have any embryos that are suitable for freezing (my transfer has been cancelled because I have developed OHSS). The clinic haven't called me :-( I'm so so angry !! When I spoke to the embryologist on Wednesday I was told that we would be advised at lunch time today if the remaining four embryos had made it. Iv tried to call the clinic but all their lines are shut on a Saturday so I could only leave a message. I'm so frustrated I have no idea whether or not they have frozen any of our embryos and no way of knowing until Monday when the clinic opens again. I'm so angry it's caused more unnecessary stress and worry. Is it me or is this completely unacceptable? X

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It's not fair that they haven't called you when they said they would and I know how nervous I feel whenever waiting for the phone calls!!

Do they have a number for emergencies?

I know it's not an emergency, but maybe you could text it to explain your disappointment and anxiety and ask for someone to call you tomorrow with an update!!...they might not be working then, but they should have done their job properly in the first place!!

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Thanks Holibob, I took your advice and text the doctors mobile. She called me right away and said that from what she can see on the file - two embryos were frozen. I guess this is good?? we started with 12 so just a bit disappointing we lost so many 😣 Im not sure if it is unusual to get only two or is this quite normal? doesn't give us much wiggle room if round one doesn't go to plan X



That's good that they responded :-)

You've got enough to be worrying about getting better without having to worry about what happened with your embryos all weekend.

You always want them all to survive, but sadly there aren't that many people that have that joy :-(

Our first round:

12 collected, 2 degenerated, 4 fertilised, 1 transferred, 1 frozen and 2 continued to day 6 but weren't good enough for freezing criteria.

= BFP, but miscarried at just over 12 weeks

Our second round:

6 collected, 3 not viable for icsi, 1 didn't fertilise, 1 fertilised but hadn't completed properly and therefore couldn't be continued, 1 fertilised and was transferred on day 2.


Our third round (FET):

Only had one to defrost and it did thaw perfectly.

= BFP, but it's a chemical pregnancy and am miscarriage.

What you have to remember is that these little ones are fighters and have come a long way :-)


Thanks for sharing. It's helpful to understand others experience - being so new to all this I can't really comprehend what's happening and if we should be pleased or disappointed with two. You really have been through it 😢 poor thing, I'm sorry to hear that. X


Which clinic are you at that failed to ring when promised ? This happened to me one stage on a previous cycle. We complained and they did investigation into their procedures, we ended up being compensated with our next cycle.

Good luck.

Ps you only need one as they say !


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