Something is happening but I don't know what I have been having a really odd feeling on my right side and it moves to my left every now and again... I am day 4 of my day five transfer. I really wanna know is this a good sign that I am feeling something going on or bad. Also am I counting that my two baby grapes are 9 days old???? Someone help feel like I am going a little mad.. Thansk sending all my baby dust xx

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  • Hi lucyfrancois, I had shooting pains, cramps on different sides, does it feel like that?x

  • Yeah they do and sort of like a hot feeling like a lil Fire feeling. That moves around yesterday it was one side but today it feels like it's on both sides it's not painful it's just a odd feeling I have never had before. When did urs start?

  • I can't remember exactly but think it was fairly early on. Think of it as a good sign. Like hopeandfaith said they are embedding in xxx

  • Yeah I will do thanks Hun x

  • I had these too.. like a bit of cramping and pains in my lower belly...fingers crossed it's implantation xxx

  • Yeah I am really hoping so. When did urs start?

  • If it's on your left and right side is it coming from your ovaries? They take quite a while to settle down and go back to normal (even longer if it's a BFP).

  • Ok but befor I was not having them only the last pass two days. It that still the same thing?

  • Mine came and went. I'm now 12 weeks pregnant and still get them occasionally!

  • Aww congrats. The 2ww is very hard x

  • Hey Lucyfrancois

    I've had the same for the past 2 days. I'm on day 3 of a 5dt. It's like a little burning and tickly sensation that I have been getting. Mine has been more on my left side. I've tried and failed miserably not to Google and ive found that most 5dt implant between days 1 to 3 after the transfer, but this is goggle knowledge not medical.

    I'm trying to stay optimistic in that this is my little shinning blastocyst burying away in there as although I've had some AF type aches these hot flashy pains are not something I've had be before.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for us both. It would be lovely to have someone to go through a BFP with.

    Baby Dust and Positive thoughts all around. Xx

  • Yeah I know I keep going on you tube then hear so many different things then I stop then a few hours later I start again. It's so hard to keep busy aswell coz my mind of what's ifs. Yeah it would be nice I can't wait to test I am going to try and test befor my date but as each day goes pass it's getting harder and harder. X

  • I don't think I'm brave enough to to do a HPT before hand as im not sure how I will cope if it's not a BFP and then have to wait to have another test by the clinic. I am hopeful that what I am feeling is the lead up to a BFP but then part of me then wonders if I'm trying to create them. Gosh I sound like a crazy lady, ha ha. Although I think my husband thinks I am at the moment. Hormonal nightmare lol. Xx

  • Yeah it's hard to sort out what's real and what's not. What's ur test day? Same here my bf thinks I am

    Going mad🙈 It's when it's hard because even tho there are so many people in the same boat they are not all at the same stage.

  • Yes and i think that depending on where your treated it seems to make a difference to timings.The hospital that did the transfer said Friday the 6th, which happens to be our wedding anniversary too, but the clinic want to test on the 4th. When is your test date? Where are you having your treatment? Xx

  • Aww ok. I am testing on the 5th. I had my treatment at Hammersmith what about you?

  • I had my consultations in Wigan and EC and ET at the Hewitt Centre in Liverpool. Had so lots of travelling as we live in Manchester.

    Fingers crossed we will both be celebrating good news next weeks. X

  • aww wow that's really far. I really wish for both of us. Keep in touch x

  • Good luck to you both.. my test date is Monday.. fingers crossed for us all xxx

  • Good luck Hun let us know how u get on. Xxb

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