On 2nd wk of waiting game Ivf ICSI

Hi guys hope everyone is well . I'm on my two week wait now on second round of I'vf icsi Iv tried to be really positive and up beat this time round and have been doing really well but this wait is a killer I keep comparing it to last time . I had two day 3 embryos transferred and the first week lots of tingling in my tummy n my boobs have been huge and sore up until this morning and now there not sore . I also had crampy feeling yesterday my emotions all over the place now I test on Friday and I'm so scared. Xxx

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  • Must be so scary can't imagine your emotions right now. Have you had any time off work? good luck for Friday xxx

  • I'm a nurse so took the two weeks off to relax as my work is quite heavy but it's been a long two weeks . Thank for the reply xx

  • Good that you've relaxed. Hope these 5 days go quick xx

  • Thanks xx

  • Good luck, I'm on my second week too.. I had two day 3 embryos transfered last Saturday and my test date is 02.11.15 feels like a millions years away!! Good luck.. sending baby dust your way xxx

  • I had two day 3s last Sunday . I find this bit the hardest of it all I test on the 30th . I have fingers and toes crossed for u hope u get positive xxx

  • I thought I was going to drive myself insane in the 2week wait.. I had cramping and sore boobs plus what felt like period pain and a weird pain just under my belly button to the right.. but was convinced it hadn't worked.. My boobs stopped hurting at one point.i kept thinking my period is coming today, I know it! I cheated and tested 10dp3dt and got a very very faint line.. Of course then we didn't believe it and had to wait till the our OTD till we fully believed it...

    Wish you all the luck Hun xx the 2ww is tough but your nearly there now xx

  • Thanks so much that's gave me hope I was starting to get down hearted xxx

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