2ww madness !

Morning ladies...so my boobs are KILLING me πŸ™ˆ I want to believe it's cause I'm heading for a bfp but I get sore boobs when I'm due for my monthlys but good god haven't felt them this bad b4 i got up this morning and when I stood upright they were like.bricks (sorry for all the boob talk lol ) and then my stomach has allot of cramps going on especially yesterday morning it woke me up and one side of my ovaries (right) that's feeling a little off aswel so I got all these symptoms are they good or bad I wonder?? This is day 5 and it's driving me mad ! X

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  • Hi Tara, I'm on day 5 too! I haven't felt any different tbh.... don't know if it's good or bad. Fingers crossed for you & good luck x

  • I was just reading that some people have symptoms some don't weather it be a positive or a negative πŸ€” only time will tell I suppose lol...good luck to u and fingers crossed xx

  • I am on day 4 and also haven't felt a thing. Good luck πŸ€πŸ€

  • I imagine everyone's different. My husband asks me every morning as soon as I wake if I feel ok. I think he feels disheartened that I feel the same as any symptom would give him just a little hope πŸ’ž xxx

  • This is my 5th 2ww and they have all been so different so who knows xx

  • Yeh my partner does the same asks me everyday do I feel different just as nervous as us...im thinking symptoms mabe period relates now tho cause u 2 are feeling nothing πŸ™ˆ fingers crossed tho for u both xx

  • Don't worry everyone is different and everyone's body reacts differently to the drugs it's no indication it's just a waiting game unfortunately xxx

  • How you feeling today?? X

  • Aww I feel like I'm going to have a period if I'm honest πŸ˜” I don't think it's worked or I'm really over thinking everything having a down day today...my boobs are still very sore tho x

  • Aww try not worry many of the ladies on here describe the cramps like period pains and go on to have BFP xx

  • Mine is more like a dull ache on both sides :/ o keep trying to think it's normal but I just don't know xx

  • How are u feeling ? Xx

  • I am ok thanks just happy in the bubble of not knowing xx

  • Glad u are feeling well and happy hun I got my fingered crossed for u xx

  • You too Hun xx

  • My first IVF bfp my boobs were very sore.

    Like you, I used to get similar before my period, but this was a whole new level!!

    Good luck x

  • I'm not really feeling anything except stressed lol!! Good luck to all of us xxx

  • Hi not sure if good or bad could go either way, what I do know is the progesterone pessaries always make my boob's hurt so much to the point I feel they've been punched repeatedly and like they're gonna drop off. Good luck xx

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