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Microgynon before IVF?

Hi everyone, sorry for so many questions at the moment. I am feeling very overwhelmed by it all after the coordination appt.

I have severe PCOS and never have periods at all. Even when iv taken Norethisterone I have barely had a bleed? Has anyone else ever experienced this? I feel so on my own with it. I just feel like I am so abnormal. It's so upsetting. I am now on the pill for 21 days and so badly hoping it actually gives me a bleed so I can finally start.

Thanks everyone,


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Hi. My sister also has PCOS and had no periods. She thought she could never get pregnant and started the route of iVF, but even before her consultation appointment she fell pregnant! So please don't lose faith!!

In regard to microgynon, my cycle is all over the place from 28-56 days cycles and was put on microgynon before my 1st try of IVF and now before my second and I have had a bleed 4 days after taking the last pill both time so hopefully this should work for you. good luck to you, xx


Thank you so much for this reply. I have felt so alone with this problem. I'm so scared that I won't even have a bleed after the Microgynon and then won't get to start my cycle. It's just so much waiting and I feel like even with IVF I'm scared my body will let me down before it begins.

I know that sounds dramatic, sorry everyone just having a bad day.



I know how u feel about the waiting I'm on prostap for 3 months and this first month has been the longest month of my life I hate all the waiting, looking to start injections in November I'm like you I'm so worried my body is going to let me down I've started acupuncture jut hoping the next few months go fast, hopefully you will start treatment soon how u feeling, xxx


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