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Day after egg collection

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Hi all! I was just wondering if any of you could give me an insight about how you felt (physically) after egg collection? Had mine yesterday and today I feel so uncomfortable, I'm bloated and nauseous and have heartburn. Struggling to eat and drink as I feel full after just a few mouthfuls πŸ˜• thanks 😊 x

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Hi. Had mine on Thursday and felt sore, bloated and uncomfortable. Still feel tender if I do too much xx

Hello, I remember being sore, having cramps and feeling bloated. I didn't feel nauseous at all. It might be worth letting your clinic know this - are you at risk of OHSS? x

Not that I know of, they did mention it but only really as a general disclaimer. Maybe I'll give them a call tomorrow if no improvement. Thanks x

If they didn't specifically say you were at risk I wouldn't worry it's just that I remember feeling nauseous/being sick as a symptom of OHSS. If it gets worse I would call your clinic.

Good luck for ET do you know how many have fertilised? x

Just 3. Though I shouldn't say just as we never thought we would even get this far. A little disappointing, 17 follicles but only 9 eggs, 6 were mature and 3 have fertilised. Think I'm just being hard on myself x

Daisy14 in reply to Kateamelia

You are being hard on yourself! 3 is great and you only need one. Apologies for the clichΓ© but it's true. Be kind to yourself and I hope you feel better soon xx

Remember you only need one! Have you had your transfer yet? x

It's today at 12! Last update on Monday that all 3 were still developing perfectly. I am so nervous!! 😁 x

Sounds promising! ET is fine (bit like a smear) but very surreal! Good luck, I hope it all goes well πŸ€

Hey, I was really uncomfortable after it -lots of bloating, struggled to get up off the couch and walk very far. It settled down though and i was feeling much better about 10 days later. I'd recommend drinking lots and lots of water and plenty of rest. Good luck xx

Hi there, I found it really tough after egg collection as they collected 18 eggs! I was painfully bloated up to my navel and couldn't eat much, I was really uncomfortable up until just after my embryo transfer. I also was at risk from OHSS. I had acupuncture to help the bloating and drank Dandelion tea which was an immediate relief and even though you don't feel like it, I forced myself out for a walk. The pessaries took a while to get used too! It takes time to feel better so do all you can and if you are worried speak to your clinic as nausea, bloating around the middle can indicate OHSS. X

Thanks all. X

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